Strange engine problem

Today I decided to check the valves on my 2000 DRZ400e. Both the intake and exhaust where with tolerance, but on the tight side. I then put the bike back together and went riding. This is when i noticed that the engine felt different. When ever I let off the gas the amount of engine braking felt much greater than normal. So stopped and revved the bike up, as soon as i let off the gas the engine immediately when back to idle. It was almost like the engine was binding up. I then turned the bike off and checked the oil, it was ok. Next I starting riding again and noticed it felt like the power was down and the engine was under much more load than usual.(example- I would have to a normal 3rd gear hill in 2nd.)

Again I did not adjust the valves I just checked them. I ideas would be appreciated.


sounds inocent enough.I would pop the lid on that baby and take a real close look. Check those clearances again and look at the cam lobes for scratches and blue discoloration which would be caused from heat. With the spark plug out turn the engine over while you look. I'm thinking you left something out of this story. Good luck!


Thanks for the reply, I am going to take it back apart and check everything. I'll keep ya posted


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