calling drz250 owners

i did a search on the forum but did not find many (real riding)opinions.i'm looking to get a drz250 for my 18yr. old beginner nephew.any riding reports,what works what doesent.good in stock form good with mods only? i do not like the way that oil cooler sticks out there waiting to be tore off or smashed.thanks for any reports


I know of two that are happy with the bike. One is about 65 and the other a lady.

Both have had jetting problems at altitude. the bikes appear to be jetted rich. Last year in Colorado a friend leaned his out but when trying to adjust the slow jet with the seat off it would hardly run. Acted way lean.

Turns out the seat has extra foam that the incoming air is sucked through making the Jetting appear rich with the seat on. Why Suzuki felt the need to prefilter the incoming air is a mystery but it defenatly must affect the jetting a hinder total performance.It is a CV type carb. Yuck.

If I had one I would unubstruct the incoming air and be prepared to experiment with slow and main jets. Maybe the carb experts have a kit out by now. The exhaust is similar to the 400 and probably can benefit from similar mods posted on TT.

The oil cooler should have a guard made to protect it. It is tougher than a aluminum radiator but it will bend under that heavy bike.

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