crf450 to yz450f

i have an 03 crf450r and have valve/spring issues, as well as radiator overheating etc...

the bike's great to ride, but it's breaking my heart and wallet. my wife actually told me to sell it and get a 2006 yz450f. she knows nothing about them except that chad reed's really i should get one.

i've read up and understand the differences (there are alot) but can't test ride one and want feedback before i go any further. i'm 5'6" and 160 lbs, 250 beginner class rider.

Excellent bike! I'd buy one myself in a heartbeat if it weren't for the $$ kind of does that to you I guess.

how are the valves, starting, cornering. plus, i'm short.

its a yamaha they have good valves. i have a 03 yz250f and its pretty easy to start so i'm guessing the 450 will start they same. not sure on cornering. i'm the same height i hate how race bikes have to be so dang tall!!!

any downfalls? especially engine wise.

the powr is very linear meaning easy to use and handle I'm a 40 yr old novice. adn do jumps and such but not anything fantastic.. you will like the bike and it starts really easily.. if your worried buy a yz 250f great bike especially if your not gonna be at the rev limiter the whole time Id actually say to buy that .. I ride my 250f pretty damn fast...

for some reason i feel more secure on a 450, i don't know why. i can't see why so many people put up with honda motor issues for so long?

I'm probably gonna get bashed for this but I would stick with the Honda. Mechanical devices sometimes have issues. You could have gotten a bad one. Alot of bike mechanical issues also depend on your maintenance and riding style. I ride an 04 CRF 450 and have not had a problem yet. I have friends that ride Yamaha's,one is an 03 the other an 05 both YZF 450's. I did not like either one. both feel like dead weight compared to the Honda. I know the weight difference maybe ounces but you can tell the difference in the way the bike is set up. They both just felt heavy. All three of our bikes run good but will get hot if we sit around too long. It's a hard choice to make. I wish you luck. As for me I will always ride red.

You simply can't go wrong with this bike. It is very deceptive. It feels so linear in it's power delivery that there is no "hit". You feel very in control and able to dial in just what you need with the throttle. It is never violent or just goes forward.....really fast. Meanwhile, All your buddies will be wondering where you found all that speed! Plus there is little to NO all!

The bike starts easy, even when cold after you get it jetted correctly. There is a ton of jetting info for the '06 on the site so do a search (170 main and 48 pilot).

The bike really shines in the suspension department. Handling is fantastic too when you get the bike set up for your weight and get the tires to match the dirt conditions.

This bike does feel big. I am 6'1 and it feels like a big bike.....cause it is! You might want to look at a cut-down seat or different bars to get the bike sized better for you. It is alot of bike for an intermediate much less a novice. You have been riding a 450 already and this bike is world's better than your old crf. I don't think a 250F would be as pleasing to you.

It comes with so much bling already on it...just buy tires, chain and oil. It is good to go! The suspension will most likely be stiff for your weight...but definately in the ball park as you progress in skill level.

GO FOR IT! You already have the wife's approval! Come back and post after you have it.....I can guarantee you won't be dissappointed.

how often do you shim your valves? i had mine done twice in the past 8 or 9 hours. currently, the bike won't crank properly, i think my decompression valve's tight but haven't opened it up. every 2 or 3 kicks, it'll lock up tight?

I only have 5 hours or so on the motor. Had a '03 WR450 that never had to have the valves adjusted. I checked and they were in tolerance after break-in and were basically the same 14 months later when I sold it with about 150 hours of use on it.

There will always be some naysayers out there with a story about so and so...but by and large:prof: Yamaha has the valve trains firgured out!

the crf feels lighter and more nimbler than my previous bike, a 2002 rm125 which was 190 lbs. i've heard that the 2006 yz450r feels superlite, almost like a 250f.

I, much like the proverbial rat, just abandoned the red bikes and bought an '06 YZ450F. I have had many Hondas and Yamahas. My 04 CRF450 was a great bike once I spent the $500 to replace the valves with stainless steel. (and it wasn't from a lack of maintenance.) After much research I decided to go blue because of the lack of valve problems and the awesome suspension. Thus far, I couldn't be more happy about the decision.

anyone want to buy a 2003 crf450r with crappy honda valves that have been shimmed to death. would you like some valve with your shims , sir?

what are the handling, jumping and coenering differences between the two?

Everyone else has said just about everything I can think of...great valves, great suspension. The '06 is much better in the power delivery than the first couple years of the 450.

What I have heard bad about them:

-->Stock Chain

-->Already sort of mentioned, but the front tire doesn't quite feel right. Like I said, I don't own one myself, and in my few short test rides of them, I haven't experienced that problem; but you may want to hear what the 450 owners themselves have to say.

That's about it for what my inexperience can provide. Let us know how things go.

thanks alot guys!

if you knew my wife, the price of a new ride is cheap compared to not having to deal with my daily cash expenditures on the honda and moping around the house when my bike is broken. personally, i think it's a chad reed thing.

Its plain out an AWESOME bike. You just will have to buy some new jets for it (most likely) because it will be too lean. Buy a better chain, and if you want, skidplate, but it does come with a guide plate stock.

This bike has soo many tricks on it already, from the handlebars to the rims, and the stock suspension is Great!!!, SunStar sprockets, Dunlop tires, even though the front is really bad unless your in hard pack, this bike is great man. I love this thing.

would you like some valve with your shims , sir?


I just read this on another thread you commented on...just in case you didn't notice it.

i have an 03 crf450r and shim the valves constantly. i'm seriously considering a yz450f.

Call RHC he can help you with that. Seems there are some variances in how the CRF heads are made. This causes an inaccurate valve spring rate. There is a theory that is makes the spring pressure too stiff because the spring seat is too shallow....causing the spring to be compressed too much. I am not going to recite all the technical junk.....just give Ron a call.

Thanks Satch! :crazy:

984, you can pretend I didn't give this to you if you need to convince the wife to let you get the '06 :ride:

this new bike thing's totally her idea, swear to god. i told her that i have a real relationship with that honda, we've been through alot. when your wife says, "just shut up and buy a new bike so you won't have any more problems"... you have to do something men don't like to do...LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE.

plus i got her a kodiak 400 this year to plow the drive and it's worry free and will take the abuse a mx'er gives it (when he steals it from his wife).

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