Anyone use KX500 Clutch Plates?

They are the same, my question is about the inner most friction plate that has just a hair larger inner diameter. Has anyone used KX plates?

I was thinking about this after we talked last night. That inner plate leaves room for a steel plate to fit inside, between it and the inner hub. As I recall, the steel plate does not have the teeth to engage the inner hub. I wouldn't see any reason why that setup counld not be replaced by a normal fiber plate. If I had the service manual, I could take a better look, or if you pull yours apart, give me a call.

Just wondering. What would be the benefit of using plates designed for a KX instead of a DRZ?

I'm assuming price??

I don't see why KX plates wouldn't in a DRZ as long as the size is the same. The inner one might be for thrust so if it floats a tad it might not hurt. How did you find out KX plates are the same?

Well my thought is that the KX has a much more brutal hit, therefore the plates should be better equipped to handle abuse. Suzuki clutches are notoriously short lived. They cost the same, I just want something that lasts longer.


on my dr650 i got through friction plates every 5000km

If anyones interested..........The KX500 plates have aboout twice the surface area of the stock friction plates. There is no way these are not better. I soaked them, installed them and rode the bike. It works great. I eliminated the stock inner most friction plate and used a regular fiber plate. Compare stock DRZ to KX500 and see for yourself, a major surface area difference. Thanks Jim......

Sigster: You say the KX500 plates have more surface area. Did you also use the (7) driven KX steel plates? What is the surface area difference on the driven (steel) plates?

How about the springs? KX or DR?

I guess what I really want to know is will a full KX500 clutch kit fit into a drz400E? If not which parts will not interchange?

Thanks in advance.....Victor

Victor, I used the stock steel plates, mine were in great shape. I have not seen the KX steel plates to make a comparison. Also I used the stock springs, I like the light feel of the stock springs. Different springs, including the KX springs should work. The WhiteBros. kit and the Barnett DRZ Kits have different spring lengths from stock. Out of all four, stock, WhiteBros, Barnett and KX, the KX has by far, more surface area on the fiber plates.

And someone please explain the reasoning behind the stock DRZ clutch setup. With the inner most plate being different from the other 7 and why they used those two washer/rings instead of a regular friction plate? Upon inspection there is no noticeable reason for this. A regular fiber plate works just fine. ANYONE?

Sigster: Thanks for the info. I wanted to buy a spare clutch setup just as a spare. Would not want to ruin a trip out of town because of burnt clutch parts. I see Chaparral sells the EBC KX500 drive (fiber) disc setup for $56 and the springs for $8 but the whole upgrade kit is $116 which includes the steel driven plates and H D components.

If the Kx500 fiber plates are that much better than stock Suzuki then I doubt they need upgrading anyway. I would think the more surface area would require more spring pressure though.

I too like the light pull but wonder if it is too light for a reason.

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