'00 XR 650 and $1500

I finally picked up one of these BRPs to make into my ulitmate dualsporter. I trader off my CRF and got some cash to make her right.

bike is pretty stock except for the juice clutch lever(still a pull), right peg fix and heavy duty buckman(sp) spokes and excel rims.

immediate changes.

new piston rings and check valves etc

Shocks and forks get gold valves and new springs.

IMS pegs or fastway if I can find them.

IMS shift lever.

Brake snake.

BRP undermount kit with GRP dampner. w/protaper Windham bend.

fork brace.

think that will run around $1400 +-

I already have most of the dual sport kit I can change over from my CRF so I won't need to buy a kit.

So... IYHO. what else would you recommend to get her ready for the Dirt (mostly) and road?

well if your gonna be hitting dirt mostly pick up some dot pirelli tires 20% road 80% dirt tires got some on my xl500 soon gonne be gettin some for my xr600

Why are you going to rering it? Is it using oil or have low compression? Not running well?

6 year old bike with the stock piston and rings. I'll run a compression check but I would have to think it would be time. I would think you would want to do at least a ring set ever year or so.

In race conditions of Baja maybe a rebuild every year running most of the score and BITD races but, for normal trail riding and four or five races a year not need for 12,000+ miles, duel sport and trail riding you can get 30,000 miles.

I rebuilt mine to a 680cc after two years of killer riding. I lost second gear and thought it would be a good time to go to 680cc. Well the piston looked brand new, as did the cylinder still having it's hatch marks. 158psi compression. That is two years of balls to the wall riding. The intake valves were cupped good but, that happened within 2,000 miles on the XR650 because they are only hard faced. I went with good stainless steel valves to fix this for good.

I wouldn't take it apart inless you want more power, or there is something wrong. These bikes are almost bullet proof.


All About the XR650R


Ditto on what BWB said... once a year would be excessive, to say the least.

On the parts you mentioned:

Gold valves - I've ridden bikes with and without them, and I'd say save the money and simply get your suspension revalved if your going that route. However, a simple servicing of the forks works wonders for this bike, as the stock oil is terrible.

IMS shift lever - I'd recommend against it. When I was 'blinging' out my bike, I swapped to an IMS and bent it bad against the case when the bike fell over on the kickstand into sand. It was seriously flexible and IMO far weaker than the stocker. I've since bought a bike with the BD electric start (which has an IMS lever to accomodate the larger case), and I'm having the same problem. However, if you really want one, I have another new one in package I'll sell cheap. :crazy:

6 year old bike with the stock piston and rings. I'll run a compression check but I would have to think it would be time. I would think you would want to do at least a ring set ever year or so.

Not even. If you've got good compression and a leak down test shows your valves to be good, you probably don't need a rebuild. Spend the time and $ on accessories.

My XR is a 2000 and still runs great.

Thanks for the comments. I guess I won't fix it if it aint broke... I still run a compression check.

With the gold valves... would you just drill out the stock valves as I seen on xr650 website and shim accordingly?

On the lever. the stock one is bent all to heck. Any other options on shifters than stock?

What about the clutch? This thing is butal even with the magura compaired to my CRF.. anything else I can do to lighten the pull on this thing?

hey BWB63 what year bike was it that second gear went bad and also how bad was it what happened to them? I have a 2002 xr650l motor in a 400ex frame and 2nd gear got completely destroyed.


Once in second and you had close to full hook up second would pop out. On the street or hard dirt and go to full throttle and pop. In the end the dogs were rounded on second, third and fifth.


Updated site address. The old one does not work.


wow.. talking about bringing up the old ghost.

Spent more than $1500 But she's fun fun fun.

680 kit

falcon rod

1mm oversized valves


CRF usd fork conversion

garmin gps

acerbis 6 gallon tank

200 watt lighting coil

Hi per ignition

Kenaroo rally fairing w/hella 90 mm lights

Gutz racing seat.

shock revalve

etc. etc. etc


What cam did you go with and is the engine sleeved or Nikasil? I like the looks, smooth lines, never liked the huge tank but, yours looks real nice.

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