WR450 headlight temps

I have a 80/100 bulb coming for my 06. Has anyone run a brighter bulb? Any problems with the high temps of a brighter bulb? I didnt think this jump would be much of a problem but would hate to find out after I melted my housing :crazy: .

I was going to get one for my bike also, what kind? size bulb did you get? I have found tha putting in larger bulbs not only the heat can melt the housing but it can burn up the wiring and light connector if it's not large enough to handle the current. Sometimes you get lucky though and need nothing.

I'm not sure what wattage bulb is installed from factory but wattage= power. Power = heat. Any increase in wattage will increase power.

Power = P

Current = I

Voltage = E

P=I x E

If you increase P(wattage) and E (battery voltage) stays the same, I (current must increase)

If the wiring will not handle the increase it'll melt the insulation and possibly even burn thru.

You cannot increase wattage without increasing current requirements.

Somewhare, there may be a brighter type bulb of the same wattage. (Quartz, Halogen etc).

My stator was modified for a Baja Designs kit, Im not worried as far as the needed power and or battery. I just dont want a melted bulb housing.

and from what I see the stock bulb is a 55W. The bulb currently operates at 55/60 with the Baja kit.

does the baja-designs kit come with a different bulb? I ordered their Dual Sport kit last week and they said they are so busy with shipping it would be a week before the could send it out.

No the kit doesnt come with an extra bulb but you will get a new H4 connector with the Baja harness. The switch assembly will give you a high and low beam which will be a 55/60 output. The stock bulb isnt great for a street legal setup IMO, plus we do a fair amount of night offroad riding and the extra watts is really needed if your doing much more than cruising around the trails.

so what kind of bulb is in them stock? and h3 single beam? if the connector for the H4 comes in the kit, will the H4 bulb fit the stock opening?

As far as fit Ill have to answer that on Wednesday, thats when the bulb gets in. I took the bulb to my local NAPA and matched the configuration. Ive done this before with ATV bulbs and so far I havent had a problem. Looking at the Dennis Kirk catalog they have listings for bulbs by bulb type also, I upgraded my Kawi ATV through their chart and the match was correct.

The connector in the Baja kit wasnt any different visibly from the stock, there was a different wiring setup for the Baja connector and I could only guess about the actual differences.

Im thinking on putting one of those Blue tint bulbs in mine, to match the rest of the color scheme, They are higher wattage but don't seem to get so hot.

Your best bet is to wire up a relay and a larger wire from the battery to the relay.... safe way to NOT melt wiring or the switch.


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