Gotta Help Those Wives

Being the nice guy i am, i was more then willing to help both my riding buddies wives when they called about xmas gift help. The one wife wanted to know if i could get her a Yosh pipe and the other one wanted to know if i could get her a scotts steering setup. At first i thought my drz button buddies are one lucky sob's to get $500+ xmas gifts but then i realized this wouldnt be a good thing for me and my xr 600. Using my most concerned voice, i explained how these would be terrible gifts. I explained how the pipe would have to be changed soon because of future noise laws and how a faster bike wouldnt be a great idea from a safety stand point. Same goes for the scott steering item, he will just go faster and she'll risk losing that weekly paycheck that she and the kids count on. I then directed them to more usable items like a monster acerbis desert tank. I explained how these will allow them to enjoy more riding time and the safety factor of never having to worry about running out of gas in the desert. What I was really thinking was, this should add about 20 lbs to those button machines and now i can switch my xr 600 to its stock tank and use these guys as the mother ship. Then i went on to tell them about how the drz 400e didnt come stock with a kick starter and heaven forbid the battery die out in the desert. They both agreed that getting a kick starter set would be a much needed safety item. Then i told them about the wimpy skid plate they have and having a heavy duty metal skid plate could be a life saver. To seal the deal, i told them they could get 3 gifts instead of one plus save a huge amount of money. Then i said all the items were on sale and i have a coupon for each. Both ladies almost hit the roof and told me to go ahead asap and get all the stuff. This is a huge score for me! Not only will they not be getting anything to make them faster but i'll be adding about 30 or more pounds to each one of them. Anyone know where they sell 20 lb skid plates for a drz 400e? ha ha...i love xmas

How the Grinch stole Christmas.

simply put, your an idiot.

I'm asuming your what, 8 years old going on 3?

Oh, I'm so riled up!

Uh, that was the response he was looking for wasn't it?

Cross-posting flamers are hilarious.


Read between the lines, i thought it was genius :)

Lighten up..laugh a little.

actually I as laughing.

I liked the bit about switching the XR back to stock tank and using these guys as the mother ship..too funny

Dust Maker you graduated from the Dick Dastardly School For Trailriders with honors i bet :):D

That mother ship thing is funny. I'm not riled up at all... he keeps saying my bike is light. If I keep hearing that I might start to believe it.


But here's a better idea; Ask Santa for a DRZ so you can get rid of that antiquated XR. :D You're just jealous, AND you've admitted it to us. Wait till all them Honda buddies of yours find out about this :)

[ December 19, 2001: Message edited by: ColoradoDRZ ]

Maybe this guy on the XR600 is tired of eating dust from his DRZ buddies :D

While I was out shoping I bought a few of those big sleigh bells. They are about 1 1/4 inches around and real loud. They next time I go riding with my buds I plan on finding a place to tie rapp one or two under there gas tank and see how long it takes them to hear the jingle bells. I bet there valves never made that sound before. :)

....and then he kicked that motor over untill his tongue was down to his waist....

Those are gifts that keep on giving. That was very thoughtful of you. Consideration for others, I like that quality in a person. :)

That was funny. Mother ship.. yuck yuck... But it took longer to read it than it takes to start my bike.


YX250F :)

Dont tell the other YZer's They will hang me by my thumbs.

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