Spare Wheels -- Will a '98 400 fit '02 426?

Allow me to ask a potentially stupid question. Obviously changing tires between Sand and Trail is a pain in the ass and I am looking for a spare rear wheel to make this less of a problem. I have found one wheel that I might be able to purchase, but it off a '98 yz400f and I have a '02 yz 426f. Are there any differences in these bikes that would disallow the two wheels from being interchangeable?

Finally, I live in San Diego and if anyone else has a spare rear wheel in the area would you be willing to sell it?


The hubs are different part numbers.

Thanks. I had read somewhere that the swing arm had changed on the 2002 426 as well, but I had no idea what the changes would include.

I do know that 01 426 wheels will fit a 2003 YZ250F and a 02 YZ426F. (I have a set, but not for sale)

You may want to contact your local yami dealer. Your hub sizes are the same, to the best of my knowledge, but I don't know about the spacers or any of the other 'jazz' that will be involved with it.

Im using my wheels from my 1999 yz 400f on my 2006 450f. They fit like a glove. Some hubs are different in style, not fit.

99-06 are the same, the 98 is different.

The 98 wheel will work on the later bikes but the axle diameter is different. You'll need to get a 98 axle for it to work. I used my 98 wheel and axle on my 01 426 and it fit just fine.

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