650r question

I have had my xr650r for 4 months and I had changed the oil when i got it. I used Amsoil full synthetic 10w40. That was 600 miles ago. Now I need to change the oil again before a major trail riding outing in Nebraska Halsey national forest. My problem is i can not get any more amsoil that quick. Would it hurt my engine any to change it with a different good quality oil? Or is it essential to run the same brand forever? As you can see I love my pig and want whats best for her.

No mate whack some good quality motorcycle oil in her change your filter and go hard.

As weskc35k said, just find another brand of motorcycle oil and go have fun. Switch back to Amsoil after you get back if you want. It won't hurt a thing switching from one brand to another as long as it's JASO MA rated or is close enough to those specs.

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