Cold Weather Riding Questions

Since there is zero snow in Saskatchewan, I won't be able to ride my beloved sled, the upside is I can ride my DRZ!

Are there any maintenance/performance issues I should be worried about before riding the bike in temps around -10 to +5 degrees C (10-40 F)?

It's 2001 E model, stock jetting and exhaust.



Wear warm gloves. I rode my bike last year in the winter. Only thing I had to remember was not to touch the throttle while cranking, it would cause it to flood. Other than that as long as the coolant is ok. Give er.

I'd make sure the coolant is 50/50 so it won't freeze...maybe go down 1 grade on oil to 5W30 synthetic mobil1. Then at night when you store it, keep a small light bulb..20W is plenty, near the battery to keep it warm...a couple of blankets to keep the heat from "floating away"...just remember a hot light bulb WILL MELT the plastic battery case if it gets too close.

You need a pair of HotGrips, they work great.

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