How is this chain?

I believe any 520 chain you buy will fit your bike. You will probably have to cut it so you might want to get a chain breaker while you are at it. Since x-rings are wider you may have a problem with it rubbing somewhere but I wouldnt worry about it.

I believe it should be fine. I don't think they changed the size of the chain for the 450. My 426 is 114 links. So you will have to be cutting it down a bit. The chain itself is an excellent chain.

Great chain. I've run them for the last 5 years and love 'em. I'll be putting one on my '07 YZ450. I may have to go from Bigcr to Bigyz, but then I'll drop my post count.

I may have to go from Bigcr to Bigyz, but then I'll drop my post count.

:ride: But your sooooo close to silver member :ride:

Come on Bryan, let's give him a name change at no extra charge...(I'll root for you buddy!) :crazy:

Believe me, post counts are overrated. :crazy:

The ERV2 is a very good chain, but IMO, the Regina ORH is a better one (my experience is that they run freer and last longer), and you can get them for as little as $70. Here's one example. Scroll down to the chain packages.

Thanks, and I will need a chain cutter guys?

Yes, and the type I recommend is the "Reynolds" style, like the Regina #805000 shown on This Page . This one sells for about $30, and will break the strongest 5/8" chains easily for years to come. Just be careful who you loan it to.

Be advised that the master links on the good chains have to be pressed together, too. The tight fit is what makes them strong. As you can see on the posted page, there are tools for that, too, but you can work around the problem with vise grips or C-clamps, or something if you want to. Be sure you get it assembled far enough so that the clip drops all the way into the groove cleanly, and don't forget to put the seals on the master link.

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