2 way radios

I am also intrested, radios would double the fun of riding with friends. :)

I thought about radios, then I remembered the calibar of people I ride with and thought better of it! THe last thing I need is to hear him laughing in my helmet as he blinds me with the smoke-screen :)

I have some so that my girlfriend can radio me when she crashes. The voice activation feature is worthless unless you are both in a very quiet room. I have remote microphones and earphones, but never use them. It is actually much more convenient to clip it to my camelback strap on my chest and just use it when I'm stopped. While riding the wind and engine noise drowns out the voice so the entire conversation consists of "what?"..."what?". When my girlfriend lays her bike down she pushes the "call" button and I can hear it while we are riding.

The last thing you want to be doing while concentrating on riding is having a conversation anyway.

If you are getting FRS radios be sure to spend the few extra bucks and get the 38 subcodes per channel. It helps cut down on the interference from other people using their radios. I got some Audiovox radios with a drop in charger and nickel-metal-hydride batteries so they are always ready to go ($50 for the pair). I am very happy with them. They claim a 2 mile range but they actually work up to about 1.5 miles (I tested them on the absolutely flat playa of the Black Rock Desert).

Last summer we had some of the talkabouts while we were riding in Crested Butte. We used arm straps to carry them, very useful. They were nice because we got caught riding in the dark and nobody wanted to go look for the last guy in line when he didn't show up at the rest stops. We just simply pressed the talk button to figure out where everybody was. Way cool.

For the motorola one, I got a pair from ebay, $40 for 2. Acutally it was more but you got a $20/radio mail in rebate. Definitely worth the $40 but I still have to test them while riding.

Colett comunicator Simply the best in the world I have had mine for 12 years no problems from -50c to +35c :)

i agree with alexk

me and a buddy bought the voice activated radios and the engine noise set them off and when you would talk it was hard to hear over his 2-smoke.we never used them again. but maybe we bought the cheep ones. :)

a buddy of mine and i both bought a set of Nady bike to bike units for the street.they worked,but the quality of sound,and the units themselves had lots of room for improvement.this was about 9 years ago so i don't know if they've improved these at all.but i wouldn't recommend them. they looked like something Fisher-Price designed.

has anyone tried the baja designs web page? they emailed a newsletter with 2 way radio info.

Anyone here use 2 way radios? I'm thinking about getting some voice activated ones, any recomendations? Anyone use headsets with them?


Like I said Simply The Best!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't waste yer mony on any other junk that is out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had good success with the Motorla Talkabouts. I purchased a hands free setup but it is not voice activated. You still have to press the button on the radio to talk. I agree with the suggestion above – make sure you get the ones with the security codes!

So, I put the earpiece in before I put on my helmet and then I clip the microphone inside my helmet directly in front of my mouth. I also have a holster that is put on my shoulder so that when I need to talk I simply press the button. It works great!

My buddy uses a slightly different setup. He got the microphone that is has a speaker in it as well. He clips that to his shoulder. It also works very well.

A buddy of mine has a set of Motorola (orange and expensive looking - don't know the model). We used them on a dual sport ride on gravel roads and blacktop and they worked great. There was a microphone/speaker on a coiled extension cord (like a CB radio in a car), we just placed the main unit in our pockets, and ran the extension out and clipped it onto our jackets. Could press the button to talk with one hand easily, and could hear well up to about 45mph, when the wind got to loud. He also tried earphones, but they were uncomfortable and wouldn't remain in place inside the helmet.

Voice activated no button pushing .Mic sensative ajuster don't waste yer money or time with any thing else... Collett are the best 2 way ther is for riding bikes or snowmobiles!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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