DRZ-s in the sand

two words


I have been silently reading the DRZ discussion group for some time now with the intention of buying a DRZ400S shortly (two weeks J). I’ve been very interested in the wealth of valuable information that this site has to offer. I especially liked all the information on trying to make a DRZ400E street legal in CA (impossible… that is why I am now looking at the DRZ400S).

My quest for pre-buying knowledge would be complete once the question posed by MXman is answered. I would gladly buy a paddle tire as timmy2by4 says, if this would let me tag along with my quad and yzf friends out in Glamis. I know I will never be able to do some of the hill climbs as fast as they do, but I would like Glamis as an option to ride.

So again:

Will a DRZ400S (with paddle) handle Glamis?

Will a 165lb rider, on above bike, be able to climb Competition Hill?


Ok. I have ridden my S in Pismo with a paddle tire. I went to Glamis with the same intention, but, since I broke my shoulder in Ocotillo Wells the day before, I got to sit and watch in Glamis.

My take on the Dunes is that it is the same as the E model - I rode both in the Dunes at Pismo. Whether or not it is a good bike in the sand depends upon your intention. What are you going to do in the sand?

If you are going to get big air, then, I would suggest a 125, not a DRZ E or S.

My bike did great in the Dunes. However, I was not trying to get big air. It climbs well, handles well, and with the paddle tire, it tracks well.

As any bike, you need to setup the suspension for the terrain that you are riding; sand is no different; big air requires much different settings then motocross or desert or trails.

So, I end where I start, what is your intention. If you want to cruise in the sand, no problem with a paddle tire.

while i am by no means a sand expert, i do ride in pismo on occasion (note my address below) momentum is king in the sand. it takes a lot of power to gain momentum in the sand. i have riden out there on/in everything from a DR350S with trailwings to my DRZS with a paddle, to sandrails, to big 4WDS. i think tires are by far the most important part of sand riding. even the trailwings worked once i hit the right pressure. sure was a lot more work than the DRZ with a paddle. i weigh 135, and the DRZ was very adequate for me with my dot dunlops, and down right fun with a paddle. the cool part about the DRZS is i can ride from my house to the sand, and ride home when i am done. God bless suzuki for making a great dualsport.

Hey guys. I ride glamis 10 or more times a year and my drzK is kickin' ass out there. I recommend at least an 8 paddle paddle tire but I will be getting a 10 paddle once my 8 is worn out. The drz IS a pig. and it's weight makes it handle poorly as slow speed, but.....it hasn't overheated on me yet. I can go anywhere I want. No it won't beat yzf's in hill races. But, the suspension in stock trim is ALL DAY subtle....So get a paddle, lube your chain, and buy a unifilter and have some fun. Don't remove your overflow tank either!!! OH yeah.....If possible, try a 49tooth rear sprocket, it will enable you to get into 3rd and 4th a lot more often....Other than that. Have fun.

Has anyone tried a DRZ-s out in glamis and if so how did it do? Is it too much of a pig for the soft stuff?


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