what is the main difference betwwen a yzf and wr 450

I hope this hasent been asked a hundred times but what is the real difference between them both . Sorry if its been asked lots! :crazy:

Try the search feature for the in depth comparrissons. The YZ is a MX bike, the WR is an enduro / open desert bike. Mainly the WR has an electric start (battery etc), a wide ratio 5-speed transmission, headlight and taillight, and out of the box it is detuned a bunch of different ways for EPA reasons. The WR is obviously heavier. The YZ is a great MX Bike too. In CA the YZ is a red sticker registration and the WR is a greem sticker. Do a search, it will keep you busy for hours.

WR: Is heavier,has a headlight, e-start, milder power, Quiet, wide ratio tranny, and is designed for trail/desert use.

YZF: Is way lighter,More power, louder, close ratio tranny, And is designed to be used for motocross/supercross.

Another difference is that the WR has an enduro computer, which I think is pretty awsome :crazy:

thanks guys

Additionally, the cams, carb, frame ('06), rear wheel, suspension, airbox, fuel tank, and coolant reservoir (or lack thereof) are different. Did I miss anything?

Look HERE for a comparison between the '06 models.

Whish parts should be changed along with the YZ tank, if Id like to put it on a WR 2004. Presume seat, shrouds...?

Is it at all possible without even minor modding?

Oh yeah :crazy: , I'm pretty sure you need to switch shrouds when you go to a YZ tank, so that may mean rads, as well. Not sure about the seat.

The rear tire is also larger on the YZ in diameter and width....

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