Death Valley National Monument

I've got two weeks off at xmas/new years thanks to the economy and we're planning on meeting friends for a couple days in/around Jawbone/Ridgecrest/Cal City.

Thinking about heading up to Death Valley for a little sight seeing since we're gonna be in the general area. We're taking our bikes - both street lega - so I'm thinking we can mimic Suzuki's intro of the DRZ400S. Anybody got any recommendations on the roads into/out of Death Valley? We'll be towing a 36ft 5th wheel. I figure I can go over 80 to Reno/Fallon and head south on 95 or go to Mojave and head up 14/395/SR190 - most of it depends on the weather. Are there any particulary nasty roads to avoid with the trailer? How's the weather in Death Valley in December? Am I kidding myself thinking it will an enjoyable couple of days?


Brian, you should have a great time. I can't recommend any roads. But, if you want company for the Death Vally tour I'd love to join you . Let me know, Thanks, Paul smile.gif


The more the merrier. Haven't really decided to go to DV yet but I think we're leaning that way.

The group of people that we will be meeting is folks I went to high school & college with - we're in our early 30s and some now have young kids. It's usually a great time. Some very good riders - a couple have raced Baja 500/1000 on bikes or quads - and they've grown up riding that area.

Anybody else planning on the desert around xmas/new years?


any place you go out there is pretty cool. i grew up riding around that area. if you bant to see some really awsom sand dunes go to kelso dunes, or dumont dunes. dumont is farther away. there is the lowest place in CA. you go to where there is a flag pole that is ~235' tall and the top of the flag pole is sea level. if you want to do some dirt riding. get onto hwy 15 towards LA. get off at razor RD. there is a cheveron station there(well used to be might be a empty building now) to the left of the gas station is a dirt road. follow it six miles back into the desert ther is some trees and the reamains of an old house you can camp there. the coolest thing is if you stay on that dirt road it will take you to ludlo on hwy 40 there is a bar and some gas stations there grab lunch and ride will go past a sand bowl ~4 miles to the south west. and if you go to the rail road tracks.go over them and head east ther is a hill with sand blown up it. but there is also barker ranch out there in DV. where manson had his clan. never been to that one but have heard it is cool and it is still standing with building how they left it.

hope you have a good time

i am enviuos of this trip



yz timed now

some mods

Death Valley is a very cool place, but no off-roading in the national monument itself. Lots to see and do there anyways. You could also go out to Beatty and then back into Death Valley through Titus Canyon (dirt, one-way only), it's a very cool ride on a dual-sport bike.

I don't recommend the 190 coming from the west (395) with a trailer! That road has several miles which are very step and narrow with hairpin switchbacks. The northern and southern entrances are no problem.

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