We have no right to complain

The DRZ is to slow, it's to heavy, the suspension is to soft, it's this it's that...

Well the truth is, the Suzuki DRZ is a high tech marvel when you put things in the proper perspective.

I was digging through some old pictures the other day and ran accross one of a 1964 Triumph 500 my dad and I used to ride in the woods. A real THUMPER! No suspension and real heavy. It took a real man to muscle one of those monsters through the bushes.


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I agree 100%. Brings back memories of my BSA 500 desert model with the leather belt that held the aluminum tank on. I was king of the world when i bought my brand new Maico 501. Now that was a machine! After Honda comes out with the liquid cooled XR 450 with a button, the drz 400e will be soooooooo last week.

Here is a photo of a rare model Triumph a guy sent to me once, cannot remember the model name at the min.


I just looked over at the Christmas tree and i remembered the name!

Its a Jack Pine Triumph 500 twin 67 model.

I ounce traded a 22cal pistol straight across for a BSA 441. That was one high maint. machine. Leaked oil, hard to start, mystery clutch you had to ajust hot and cold. Points to clean and time the engine. But man oh man I thought I was living good. Whenever it ran I had a smile on my face. Almost forgot about those weird nuts and bolts. I think they were call Wittworth or something.

Ezgz-Whitworth wrenches (spanners) a real pain as you could never find the right one lol.

Good trade by the way a pistol for a BSA (British Small Arms) hence the rifle logo.

Fl_drz do you remember if your dads Triumph had a battery?

The bike looks similar to the Jack Pine, it was considered a lightweight model for its day no battery was necessary.


I don't know if that particular Triumph had a battery or not. I was just a youngster back then. Dad fixed um and I rode um. I just remember it had way more torque than any of my race bikes and a real blast to ride. I loved the feeling of steering with the throttle.

Yeah that's it Whitworth!

In high school my friend borrowed his older brothers Triumph 500 twin and rushed over to pick me up. It was late fall and very cold. We cruised by the usuall hangouts to make sure everyone saw us then headed over to the interstate highway to see what she would do. I just remember it being so darn cold that my eyes started tearing and it felt like it turned to ice in my sideburns. I was on the back and looked down to see the rear axle nut was moveing back and forth on the axle from the vibration. We got off the highway but had no tools that fit and so took it home and parked it back in his garage. I don't know if he ever told his brother about it.

Ezgz that story reminds me of the time me and my girlfriend were going to England and we had left it to last min to leave to catch the Larne Stranraer ferry (Ireland to Scotland) i got on my CBX to find a flat tire so we took my old Norton Commando which leaked gas out of the right Amal on my boot all the way there.

TEN YEARS later my kid brother confesses over beers that him and his mates (15 year olds) had taken the CBX and were pulling wheelies and burn outs when they nearly fell off due to flat tyre so they pushed it back and left it as if nothing was amiss.

Thats why i am getting my son a dirtbike of his own, i would rather he learn on the trail, softer landing LOL

Hey guys, I also rode back in those days. :) I have very fond memories of those old bikes. I had a good buddy who had a 441 Victor. In 69' I bought a Honda 350 Scrambler. He really like my bike so we would trade off alot. I really liked the 441. That thing would wheelie forever. All those bikes back then were high maintenance. They all had points and the valves and timing were regular maintenance. But, check this out. That 1969 Honda came with a steering dampner and an e-button! My first bike was a 1956 BSA 125 cc two stroke. I think it only had a three speed transmission on the left side. The 650 BSAs and Triumph's were common off-road bikes. I can recall watching those old guys hill climbing on them and when they couldn't make it swing the thing around and ride it back down the hill like it was nothin. :D I know I'm kind of rambling here but man did you guys bring back the memories. Thanks! :D

any body have some suggestions for the drz's suspension? :D


Gyro, as long as you aint jumpin it or doing big drop offs it should be just fine. But, I think you already know that. :)

Originally posted by Gyro:

any body have some suggestions for the drz's suspension? :)


Compared to the bikes we just talked about your suspenders are magic haha

You could hang the forks up and buy a set from an E. I missed a set for sale on here this summer.

Pmaust, do you still have that 125 Bantam?

Some of those models are valuable if intact.

Dendrz, no. I wish I did.

I could get some from the E, but I'm going to go all the way and get a totally pro suspension.

but yea my suspenion now is still pretty damn good if you think about it.

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