My crazy sunday ride with the new bike!!!!!!!!

my buddy and i with the ktm smc went on a huge run it is...

We took off at 1pm from the house and road the 10 min or so to the trail head, through windy mtn roads,past small little mtn towns and finally to the dirt trail head, there were bikes, quads, trucks, jeeps, and a dune buggy lol

We rode 110 miles total today, we rode from 1 to 7:30pm.

most of what we rode was tight, twisty mtn fireroads, and some places were very steap and rocky, then other places were single track, motorcycle only areas.

We got to the top of two mtn peaks, 6000 feet. the view was awesome, i got some camera phone pics i will d/l.

We kept riding and had really no idea where we were untill we relized we had went over the mountians and were in CORONA, which is very far from where we started!

So then we had to jump on the 15s and drive 36 miles with a ton of traffic coming back from vegas, and it was very windy in those passes.

We were getting thumbs up fromn alot of people lol....the 15 freeway, for anyone never on it moves at like 90mph we were doing about 80-85, with the wind it was horrible, not the place for a dual wind screen=bad.

To make things worse, we both started to run out of gas on the toll roads, so we had to switch to reserve, ughhhhhh.

So all in all it was a fantastic ride, the smc ktm beats me on the freeway, but not by a ton.

my bike did better off road, where my buddy bit it hard two times.

Oh, and i had NO gloves this whole ride, my hands are tore up.

but it was worth it.

the end lol

about my break in....i veried my speed and went smooth, with no hard accelaration, the fastest i hit was around 80, but that was only for a short bit, mostly i was cruising at 65-75, but this was when the bike has about 80 miles on it....otherwise it was under 50mph.....mostly slower, in the tight rocky roads, i was in 1st gear alot, but used 2nd the most...but varied the speed alot.

i never pinned the throttle though, and never abused my bike, so i think im going to change the oil, would it be ok to put in the synthetic now? at 110 miles?

thanks for the advice guys

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