Rear sprocket change on a 01 DRZ400s

I changed out my front sprocket on my 01 DRZ400s with a 14 tooth one from Sprocket Specialist as they were the only ones to have one for a DRZ400s.

The original 15 tooth sprocket, the shaft splines are incased in a rubber bushing to prevent high speed road shock back into the tranny. The 14 tooth sprocket didn't have this. So not wanting to end up destorying my tranny, I am electing to switch back to the 15 tooth factory and change from a 44 tooth rear to a 47 tooth rear.

My question is; is there enough clearance for a 47 tooth sprocket to miss the rear chain guide and is there enough chain length to handle a 47 tooth rear sprocket.

I check with my dealership and they don't have a 14 tooth sprocket available for the DRZ400s.

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i can't believe you got a 50 on there with the stock chain. i have a 48, and i barely got the stock chain to fit around that with the proper slack. now...what kind of riding are you doing with that s to use a 14-53 combo. that is pretty low gearing for a street legal machine.

I have a 13 tooth front that is made for the RM250. Sorry, but I don't remember the year, but, I think it was 00 or 01.

Hey Timmy,

sorry, I was wrong, I was thinking about my 00 KTM250exc which has a 50 rear. After looking at my owner's manual, it shows a 44 factory, so I am thinking about bumping the rear sprocket up to a 47 as I like the 14/44 ratio now for riding on the road.

Thanks for catching that mistake.

No prob running the 47T rear.

Standard chain length is fine, no prob with chain guide.

I run 15/47 on my 400s i like it, suits my trails and roadwork.

It is the same ratio as 14/44.

The advantage with 14/44 though is its easy to swap back to stock gearing by changing front back to 15t.

the advantage with 15/47 is you can swap to 'E' gearing easy with 14t front.

Its a compromise thing again :)

Good info from you. I am a DRZ 400 E pilot and can not get a 15 front from my agents (Suzuki). please tel me what model and size RM or RMX sproket will fit.I want speed on my DRZ (14/44).Want to go up to 15/44.

How about just ordering a stock sprocket for an a 2001 DRZ400S; that is 15 with a cute little rubber thingy.

Kevin, just thought I would point out that the "rubber thingy" on the "s" front sprocket makes some after-market chains bounce too much in my experience that is, some slight variation in link heights I think :)

Originally posted by willem:

Good info from you. I am a DRZ 400 E pilot and can not get a 15 front from my agents (Suzuki). please tel me what model and size RM or RMX sproket will fit.I want speed on my DRZ (14/44).Want to go up to 15/44.

Willem as Kevin s suggested the 400S 15T should fit.

Is the 400s model sold in South Africa?

If so take the 14T along to the dealer and compare with the 15T the only difference in fitting is the S sprocket has rubber dampening to reduce vibration and has a shoulder on back so it does not need the shim behind it but measure them to make sure, i ran a 14T for a couple of runs without the shim and it damaged the strocket.

Has anybody else on here fitted a 15T to an E model?


Thanks for your help.

Since I dont alot of country road riding, the fear of not using the rubber cushion front sprocket will transmit severe shock to the tranny at fast highway speed, and I don't need any tranny premature failures.

Its ok to not use the rubber cushion sprocket for offroad riding as your getting the constant pounding like you would from the highway because the rear tire always has a constant grip on the road with little to no slippage.

Sprocket Specialist is where I got my front sprocket as my dealer couldn't get me one either.

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I dont know how revelant this is but I just had my chain and sprocket replaced on my S , I was running the std chain and rear sprocket with a JT 14tooth front sprocket, I wanted to go back to a 15tooth on the front for more on road use,

When I went to pick my bike up from the dealers they said they had left the 14t on as it was in perfect condition unlike the chain and rear sprocket which were fu***d after 4,000 miles of abuse(fair enough)

Since they had the 15t sprocket I got it from them to swap at some stage,

The 15t I got from them did not have that rubber thing on it(same as the 14t) now JT (I think) supply most oem sprockets, and I have used them on all bikes I have had in the past(not thru my personal choice just what the dealers supply) and have no complaints(they seem durable enough)

I dont want to say the rubber thing is uneccesary, but my bike has a two year warranty, and JT do supply a lot off sprockets, and if most dealers supply and fit them(UK any way) well it makes you wonder if it is,



i run the 15-48 on my 2001 S since i ride daily on road, and swap to the 14 front (no rubber) for the dirt days.

Thanks Timmy

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