Can't ride without a beverage!

bought a drz400e about 3 weeks ago love the bike very easy to ride. i had an cr250 way to difficult always made me spill my beer!

i get sick of going back the truck so right now i'm using a camelbak but it makes my beverage taste funny?

looking for a way to mount a small cooler on the back of the new drz-e big enough to hold 6 cans any solutions would be greatly apprecated.

thank in advance

drink water, bring a backpack.

.............. :):D

You sound like my riding buddy. He always has to come back to the truck for a beer. Now he has 9 pins in his leg with a steel cage around it. Drink up and wave as I pass you by.

ask your insurance company rep :)

My suggestion, forget about the beer while you are riding, :) and if you can't, then maybe you should start thinking about your drinking!

Maybe you should switch to weed its lighter

doesnt foam up and you wont litter up the trails.


dizzy, that is great idea but my job requires i "pee in a cup" randomly every few months so my need for "can storage" continues!

I would also like to thank everyone for your concern but this why i purchased the drze - smooth accelaration, soft suspension, (light up front in case i get lost) and ofcourse! the e botton! This is the best offroad bike ever manufactured!!!

pot will NOT show up an 90% of drug tests

it is quite expensive to test for

most drug tests are for coke/crack and opiets

also weed will not bring on loss of motor skills

ppl who drink and ride wurt them selfs. ppl who smoke and ride fall ove lauging

I'm beginning to agree with you. My eyes have started looking at all the new bikes. I just have to ride my DRZ, The magic go button, the soft, smooth riding suspension, the power. Its the best all around bike for me.

I here ya on the 4:20.

yea that's probly true but i can't risk it!


mjlang, you need to focus on your website and leave us life enjoyers alone!

Don't know if it will fit on the back of a DRZ - but around here folks use quads to hold their beer on the trail :)

Yea, but don't forget to wear shorts and put your ball cap on backwards while on your quad.


Scott Summers Racing makes a nice looking rack for the back of DRZs, that with a small playmate cooler and you should be set. Six o'clock in the morning and all this beer talk is making me thirsty. :)

After watching the Cowboys play football, I think you would drink heavily too...... :) .


Originally posted by cetris:

Yea, but don't forget to wear shorts and put your ball cap on backwards while on your quad.


Flip flops do the trick also, NO boots!


Find yourself a fine female to ride on the back and she can hold onto the beer for you and even hold it so you can drink while you drive!Just make sure she can ride a bike cause someone has to be able to take you to a hospital when you crack your nugget open.

What has happened to this site? Someone got thrown out for nothing and this bozo is allowed to talk about drinking and riding? What the heck!!

[ December 22, 2001: Message edited by: bakinsaddle ]

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