06 WR450 sudden sputter during a ride

Hey guys had my WR450 out for a ride yesterday in the tight New England singletrack. Bike ran awesome all day long until about the 50 mile mark. All of a sudden started sputtering on the bottom end(pilot) and would not idle. Had to keep bumpstarting her and when I hit the button I'd have to whack the gas half throttle of so to get her to fire. Seemed to me a plugged pilot jet would cause this as it's happend before on my XR. However, my buddy who rode behind me said he could smell raw gas after the sputter started happening. Just curious if the pilot jet could be clogged or came loose and fell out completely? Before I rip into the carb I was just looking for some suggestions. It was really dusty yesterday and I rode mid pack all day but I greased the air filter mating surfaces really well. Maybe I could've gotten something in there but I don't think that would give the raw fuel smell symptom if the pilot was plugged. More of a lean out if anything I'd think. So, any thoughts as to what it might be and do you think I hurt the girl by riding it like that for 10 miles or so? Thanks! :crazy:

BTW-bike went friggin' awesome even in the tight stuff. Didn't heat up and the jetting was spot on.

Check your fuel screw, as in is it still there?

sounds exactly like the symptons i had when my fuel screw dropped out


LOL, yeah based on the thread I read last week, that was the first thing I went for. She's still in there on the same number of turns too.

Righto - I would be cleaning out your carby then.

What a bummer. 114 miles on her and I already gotta tear into the carb. Is the bowl accessible on these bikes with the carb still on the bike but tilted? Or is is just easier to remove it altogether?

It is, but you are better off taking the carby off completely.

I find I have to take the tank and seat off anyway to rotate the carby. Not much extra to disconnect the throttle cables and pull it out.

Dirt in the carby causes all sorts of jetting problems. Just blow out all the galleys with air if you have a compressor, or just use carb cleaner/brake cleaner/contact cleaner with the little little tube attachment.

Yup, will do guys. Thanks! I'll let yah know whats up.

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