any NC riders?

My wife and I are relocating to the Charlotte, NC area within the next 2 or 3 months. Is there any good riding down there? Any clubs that I may be able to contact and meet some dirt friendly riders? I would really would like to contact someone from the area and find out where the trails are and maybe make some new friends.


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Welcome to NC. There are not a lot of places around Charlotte to ride. There are two ORV parks- Brown Mtn. is about a 2 hour drive, very nice place. Uwharrie is only about an hour drive, but VERY rocky and ridden out.

I live near the new the I-485 interstate project. I have been able to ride out of my driveway and play there on the weekends for about 2 years now. I am sure it is officially illegal, but if you go on the weekends, and don't tear stuff up that they have already finished (like a bunch of dumba$$ kids on quads like to do), they don't seem to mind.

Keep in touch.


My wife and I live in Hickory, NC (actually I go back and forth between there and a home in Minnesota). We mostly ride trials and do some trail riding with the trials bikes. We are close to buying a pair of DRZ400S dual sport bikes. So I'm interested in how you like your bike and how the mods have worked out.

We haven't had a chance to ride Brown Mountain yet, but have heard good things about it. Also heard it would be perfect for trials bikes. There is a club -- I think it's called the Unifour Trail Riders or something like that -- that maintains the trails at Brown Mountain. You might want to get a hold of them. Call the guys at Fun Cycles in Valdese or Extreme Motorcycles in Hickory. They can give you more information. Also, dual sport riding is very popular in the area. There are rides going on all the time. Ask the guys about that also. That's the main reason we're looking at the DRZ400S.

There is also a riding park called TNT down in Chester, SC -- only about 45 min south of Charlotte.Their URL is We've been there once and really enjoyed it. Most of the trails are ATV width, but there is a new section of supposedly very challenging single track that we haven't had a chance to ride. The owner's name is Jimmy Parrish -- great guy.

Does your wife ride also? Send us an e-mail when you arrive in Charlotte and we'll get together (we'll get you on the trials bikes, too!)

Mike OD

HEY,I live about 15 miles from BROWN MTN.& IM looking for people to ride with maybe we can all get together & ride,also have a 2000 DRZ400S that I need to sell I just bought a 2000 DRZ400E.Kenny :)

Hey guys,

I have just been relo'd to NC myself. I will be living in Winston-Salem. Where exactly is Brown Mtn? I have a DRZ-S as well..



TO JRSDRZ,Brown mtn is awesome,tight,rooty,open,closed,bike only tight stuff,you go I40 west,from I77,go W till exit 105,hwy 18 N go through morganton town,and go straight till hwy 118 n go about 10 mls from town to brown,mtn,beach,rd take a right go to OHV,WILDLIFE,sighn go left,fee is $ 5.00 a day,well worth it,and follow rd to top,look at trail map ,and have a blast.Hope i helped,ohv park closed jan 1st till march for upkeep,on trails. James--Mooresville nc

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altec1,Road is #181 not #118 pretty close.HAPPY HOLIDAYS,Kenny

I live in Greensboro. I have ridden in the Uwarrie. It is very rocky but the trails are great. I would advise wearing kneepads in case you go down on a rock. You can ride all day withou doing the same trail twice. If anybody in the Greensboro, Wiston area would like to try the uwarrie or somthing else, drop me an email. If any out of towners would like to make a road trip than do the same. Thanks.... Dirk

To MUSICMAN--Yep mis type,sorry,could;ve messed someone up,where do live,on the east.or west side of the mtn,my uncle has some land nearby,up towards hudson,email me we can talk,and hook up some time,you probabbly have a lot of rideing places. James,Mooresville NC.


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Toy Poor !!!!

Thanks to everyone who responded!

I may have to email you guys in a couple of months when I get get a little settled in!


What,s going on guy,s? Brown MTN. is closed for the season now but we still have TNT!!! Maybe musicman and loki can meet me and Altec there one weekend? We have some other freind,s on thumper,s and we allway,s have alot of fun!!! ------------------

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I forgot to mention a place called Mulberry Trails, located a little north of Lenoir. Take Kirby Mountain Road off Hwy 321 and just follow the signs. I don't have the phone number at hand, but you can get it from one of the local shops, and it might be in the local phone book. The trails are wide and well maintained, with some good hill climbs. No single track. Overall trail distance is only about 5-6 miles, but it's a fun place to ride. If you like mud, there's one area that you'll love after a heavy rain. There are also a couple of small MX tracks. The owner's name is Walt -- great guy.

Mike OD

I live in Johnson City TN. which is located in extreme northeast Tennesse and very close to NC. I ride a 2000 "S" modle and I am always looking for someone to ride the mountain dirt roads with. I installed a 3.9 gal Clark tank so I won't run dry, but am always worried about breaking down or crashing while out riding alone. Let me know when your getting together for a ride and I'll come over.

Any one from the eastern part of NC?

I'm from Rocky Mount and am looking for people to ride/race with.

Let me know,


I actually live in SC but I am a member of a great riding club that is based out of Gastonia, NC (20 miles from Charlotte) called the Blue Ridge Pathfinders. There are many Dual Sport Riders in the club. See the link below. We have a member directory that has info on all the riding spots around this area. We participate in most all Dual Sport Rides in the area. We are headed to Charleston, SC to ride this weekend for the Swampfox Dual Sport Ride and Enduro. Check it out. It is a great club.Blue Ridge Pathfinders Web Page

Hey is anybody going to Loretta Lynn ranch spring ride April 2,also where is TNT refered to by RICHARD D.on this post?Let's get together & RIDE! :)

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