new DRZ $3999

Geez, I just paid $4500 for my new 400e just a few weeks ago and came across this dealer selling for $3999 brand new!www.lacyclesports. com, they're in CA and will probably ship. Sounds like a deal.

I just checked the site and saw the prices range from $4295 - $4995.

I Paid $3999 -$4981 out the door, Drz400E. 01 models are discounted. This was NorCal, just gotta shop around. Go to



I bought mine from Andrews Cycle in Ohio, for $4500 out the door including everything, even taxes. I live in FL and they ship for free.

That LACycleSports is a joke. I called on a DRZS that they had listed for $3999. Using that "special Internet only price" the out the door figure was $5600. When I finished laughing at him trying to figure out how he got $1600 worth of fees, his only explanation was that he only included normal fees and it was a great deal and I should buy right away. Oh yeah, and he wanted another $150 to deliver it 250 miles to me.

I too paid $3999.00. $4900.00 out the door. I got mine in santa cruz , ca. 2001 400e by the way.

I paid $4700 out the door for a new 01 DRZ400E

compition here in dallas must be high got mine for $3600 out the door! No Sh*t i can post a picture of bike and reciept! Bike sat on sales floor so long the gas was yellow from sitting in the tank, it also wouldn't run unless choke was on!

Some of the dealers are advertising $4399 prices here in Phoenix but by the time fees are added it comes to around $5400 for a 2002. Juat a sham.

Other dealers who do not advertise will actually sell them for a little less.

Yeah sure Yeager Gas in a new bike on the showroom floor?I don't think so.I bet they even let you drive it right off the showroom floor,hoping you won't hit any innocent bystandards, while reaching for a beer on you factory mounted six pac cooler.

:) Yeager after 5 beers!!

The $3995 price is a come on as one guy noted. LA Cycle sports ARE a joke. I know from dealing with them on both Honda and Triumph street bikes.

A couple other SF Bay area shops had low ball come on prices too. I paid $4860 out the door at Motorcycles Unlimited in Corte Madera and I bought the extended warranty as well so that pushed it up $300 more. Still a good deal. Neal still has at least five 01' DRZE's sitting around. The dealer in Dallas lost money on the deal cause that price is less than his cost.


my `02 S will be $5149 out the door.bought it in New York(Kinderhook).i lived in Phoenix for almost 2 years and was shocked at the inflated prices some dealers are charging out there-for everything from plugs to pistons!i found,in Phoenix anyway,that you have to come into a dealer with cash(yeah,right mr.Rockerfeller!),say what your willing to pay and don't move an inch.eventually they'll give in and you'll get the deal of the century. but,then again,the rich always get better deals!

Someone asked me to post the phone # for Andrews Cycle. I don't have it here , but there are in Salem, OH. I found my purchase to be hassle free. $4500 out the door, free shipping. I bought in Nov 01', maybe they were just blowing out some 01's. I know the guy had 3 more at the time of my purchase.

Dec. 3, 2002, drove away with an '02 DRZ400E for $4800 from Hardin Motorsports, Elizabethtown, KY. Love the bike. Went back last Friday and bought a DRZ250 for my daughter, $3800. Priced these around for a month. These folks won't let the sale go for a couple hundred bucks.

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