450 cam on the 2002 426

Dear friends, I am planning to install a new exhaust cam (with decomp device) on my 2002 YZF 426. Which one should I pick? Stock? Hotcams? Here's what I read on "thumperfaq" about the stock 450 cam:

"The 2002 and 2003 YZ250F and WR250F exhaust cams are identical except for the decompression device. So for about $160, the 2001-2002 250Fs can start just as easily as a 2003 model. This isn't true for the old 426F. The 450F cam gear has a different tooth pitch, even though the tooth count is the same. The new cam will work for a while, but the chain and gear will have accelerated wear.

Is is really true? Does the hotcams exhaust cam fits (and works) better?

Thanks in advance and greetings from Brazil!

Luis Claudio

Based on nothing more substantial than the experience of at least dozens of people on this forum, I have to say that the concerns over chain wear, while it seems reasonable in theory, are pure BS in fact. No one I know has had any trouble with this swap whatsoever, and the cam chain should be replaced once a year anyway.

Use the OEM YZ450 cam fearlessly. The only downside is the timing procedure is a little bit different.

I have never replaced a cam chain, still on the stcok one. Chains are for sloppier tolerances anyway.

Is the timing procedure found somewhere on this site? I can do a detailed enough search to prevent me from having to still read 400 threads about this.

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