My buddy rode my new CRF and thinks he needs to off his drz and get one, I told him we can tweak on his bike to make it faster and handle better. I know you guys know what to do to them and what not to do, so have at it, give me the scoop so I can show it to him. He is 175# dry very fast rider, we mostly trail/play ride, but practice with our sons on the mx track too! His bike is bone stock. What would be the first, second, third, ect.. modification to make in this thing for the best results for the money spent.

Thanks for your time!


Boy, that is a tough question. I would say that if he is comparing it to a CR450, he would probably have to start with the supsension. I would get it set-up properly for his riding style and put the bike on a diet by removing anything that is not necesarry; i.e., headlight, safety switches, heavy stock pipe, steel bars, etc..

I think it is very hard to compete with the 450 on the track, he may be better off with the Honda.

I rode the CR450 in the desert and noticed it was very light and nimble compared to mine. I truely enjoyed the throttle response. But, I was very happy to get back on my bike as it was much more stable, comfortable, no vibration, and I could keep up with the 450 just fine in the desert. If I rode a track, I don't see how I could have kept up as the 450 seemed so much more track oriented. Between the 2 bikes in the desert, I really liked mine better.

For trail riding stay with the DRZ. The CRF is set up for Moto-X.

We need to get a couple of dealers together to

put a real (MAGIC BUTTON)on,so that when your

rideing single track,tech stuf,the bike handles like a DRZ,but when you need to catch some

serious air,or hit the whoops real fast,just

hit that MAGIC button and it turns into a CRF.

What do ya think guys.Would it sell?

CHEERS and Merry X-mas to all

I was thinking the same thing about trading in the DRZ for a CRF. That is right up until the dealer showed me a picture of the CRF's piston. Its about and inch think. As he describes it, its basically a ring holder. That explains the bikes ability to rev like a 2 stroke. You know what though...your gonna have to rebuild it as or more often. The dealer says Honda calls for a rebuld every 20 hours or so. Lets see, thats about 3 weeks worth of riding before a redo. Thats not for me anymore. I'll stick with my DRZ.

On the other hand, maybe for 2005 we'll see the same motor with a more durable piston setup in the XR line?? :)

mx= CRF.......Trail riding DRZ

Don't forget the "how do I get this thing started YZ426", I would seriously consider that bike for the track as it is light and fast.

Bye the way, the Honda CR450 starts like a dream for kickers - I still prefer my button; One kick every time I tried.

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