A Field Guide to Mountain Bikers



1. When I pedal and hear a four-stroke screaming from 2 miles away and they kick up dust that chokes me i dislike them to!

2.Actually- just show up at a free-ride area with your bush '04 sticker on your big truck. See if you have the guts to do even one of the jumps and gaps they do!

3. I welcome you to come to the 24 hour race at goldendale, washington and kick this ironman off the podium for the first time. kick MY lycra ass. you want a measure of toughness? lets go 400 miles off road in a day!


1. Then why ride on a multi - use trail and complain about it?

2. This "free riding" I keep hearing about and seeing reminds me of the "jibbers" in the snow board park at the ski area. Free riding to me means natural terrain? Impressive none the less, I'll give that to you but I doubt that these types of riders are the ones that are going to bitch and whine everytime they run into a motorcycle on a multi-use trail system.

3. Starvation Ridge is cool and the OTBG puts on a good event but you are not a true Ironman unless you come up and Ironman the Buttstomper, a 24hr. race at Reiter in Goldbar WA. You will not see Scissorbills Reiter :ride: Last year's Ironman set a record of 180 miles in 24hrs. that should clue you into the terrain, it's not for the weak at heart and frankly if you are one of these OMRA pansies I see whining at Eddieville at all of the GP's you would not survive :lol: I will be at Eddieville next weekend and it is a combination points event for both NMA and OMRA I hope to see some of you OMRA guys do a little better in the overall standings this time :banana:

Just kidding, it's all in jest but who can resist a little interstate rivalry as long as we are all going to be at the same place at the same time? :busted:

Everyone seems to miss the point Clark has made and that is if you give respect you should get respect when you are in your right to be there. If a MTB'r can't see past there elitest opinion on multi -use trail sharing then "fork" em', if they cannot respond in like to my hand wave and "hey what a good day to be out on the trail" with anything other than "you don't belong here", I say ROOST AT WILL, mountain biking is a dangerous sport filled with all kinds of risk especially if your an idiot.......

To the person who started this thread (Clark4131): If your skin is so thin that you must be a hard-ass tough-guy out on the trail and kick anyone's butt who calls you names, you should be a real man and get off the bike, take off the helmet, drop the backpack and put up your dukes and fight like a real man. I'd say "roosting" someone with rocks is a pretty cowardly attack. You seem pretty proud of it, though, because this isn't the first time you bragged about doing it. Think about it, you are retreating quickly as you are attacking. It's kind like sucker-punching someone and then running away, but far more cowardly, because you don't even have the balls to throw a punch.

You really shouldn't get your panties in a bunch every time someone makes fun of you or calls you names. You should put the big boy shoes and let it go, keep on riding and have a nice day out on the trail. This is a far more wise course of action. Think about how you'd feel if you did get off your bike one day and got beat down by a "scissorbill" in spandex. That would be pretty embarrassing, wouldn't it?

Oh Chas, you nut! After reading your retort and seeing you're yet another simple drone from the PRC, it all became clear to me. Unfortunately, I too have spent some time in that West Coast Cereal Bowl, full of fruits, nuts and flakes, but I was lucky enough to escape after I matriculated, back to a land of politeness, courtesy and respect for your fellow man. Perhaps being able to carry a lethal weapon in a concealed fashion here may have something to do with that phenomenon, but that's a topic for a different day. In any event, if you had any insight whatsoever, you would have gleaned that my originating post was mostly satirical. However, my muse of inspiration was the seemingly inexplicable disdain and outright hatred that the species "Spandexius Velopedalus" has for us dirt bikers when we have the audacity to invade their personal space. Without exception, I have endured their chirping twitterpations every time I encounter them on the trail, and with your reply it seems, they have now seen fit to chirp at me in cyberspace. People of your ilk never cease to amaze me, calling me out as though a message board was an electronic main street in the Old West. There's just one problem with that scenario that you'd be wise to remember...it's generally considered foolish to go up against the 6th Fleet in a row boat with a pop gun. Think about that as you pedal back to your nest...SC

i ride mt. bikes, dirt bikes, and quads there are a lot of a$$ hole mt. biker tourist in my area and the same for motorized rideing just let it go if someone pisses u off keep rideing they have a right to be there too and to all the mt. bikers out there quit your bitchen about dirtbikes and quads if u hate them so much ride somewhere else. it's as simple as that!!!!!!! :ride:

So now you think all mountain bikers are A-holes because of one jerk? You said it yourself that you thought they were cool out on the trail, but now because of one stupid note, you agree with the complete IDIOT who started this thread?

I don't know about the IDIOT part but other than that, YEP!

Stupid is as stupid does! :ride:...SC

As already stated there are good and bad people on both sides of the fence. When on my mountain bike I usually get off the trail for the motorcycles and when on the motorcycle (even though so far a short time) I try not to roost rocks on the bikers. Even stop to talk to them to see where they are coming from, have been and maybe a future ride partner. Always looking for new trails and people to ride with.

Stupid is as stupid does! :banana:...SC

You, sir, as Dirty Harry once charged, are making my day. :busted:

If you ever run for office, I'll vote for you.


Good stuff Clark ....

This is my story with regard to the trail food chain: ( I grew up as a roper (you know - on horses) and moved on to mountain biking - and now also ride a YZ250. I figure the mountain bike helps with my balance and fitness while the YZ makes me plan (look) farther ahead and makes jumping practice a lot easier. )

THE STORY: A few years ago I was out riding with a buddy. We rode our mountain bikes to the top of the coastal range in California near Stanford University and turned around and hauled a** downhill. We came across 2 hikers who yelled at us to slow down .... my friend was a little ahead of me. One of the hikers decided to lay down across the single track in front of me. WHAT COULD I DO .... WHAT WOULD YOU DO I lifted my front wheel and rode right over him and almost crashed from laughing so hard ... and my friend never saw it.

THE MORAL: Ride responsibly, ride quietly, ride fast, and be careful lest you be self rightous yourself.

One of the hikers decided to lay down across the single track in front of me. WHAT COULD I DO .... WHAT WOULD YOU DO I lifted my front wheel and rode right over him and almost crashed from laughing so hard ... and my friend never saw it.

THE MORAL: Ride responsibly, ride quietly, ride fast, and be careful lest you be self rightous yourself.

You just became my new hero. :banana::ride::busted:

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