which skid plate

MSR, good fit, easy to put on.

Has anyone tried the Suzuki skid plates?


I had to replace the stock Suzuki skid plate because I bent it on a rock and messed up my oil plug.

I have a Scotts and fits fine.

Moredesert, do you have a good picture of your Scotts skid plate? The Scotts web page does not have a good picture, and it's on a Honda.

The DH1 (Danny Hammel) is by far the easiest to install. It's longer than the Baja. Use google to hunt for their website...Takes a whole minute to install. Coverage is about the same as the others. The alternator protector and clutch cover from Baja can be adapted to it if you work at it. Alternator is an absolute must. Take off the shift lever and file off the sharp edges. It's a big sharp tooth waiting to bite a hole in the alternator. A tipover in your garage without it will eat the alternator...to the tune of several hundered bucks!

Skid plate by MOOSE fits well and gives good protection.I would not ride the rocky stuf

without it.Got it at my local dealer for $80.00


Tony, I don't think you could go wrong with the baja designs skid plate. It provides good protection, and took me 10 minutes to install. And it is only $55. :D I wasn't going to get one, but after denting the underside of my frame I put one on. I kept thinking about that water pump sticking out. :)

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Baja Designs is the one I have and it only took 10 min to install, great plate and great business to deal with.

Is there a particular brand of skid plate that is VERY easy to install? Does it protect the bottom of the motor or the sides as well? Where can I get one? Is one of these items really necessary for casual trail riding ?

Get a plate that wraps up to protect your side covers. My friend cracked is left side cover by not having one, luckily he was able to fix it with jb weld. Utah sport cycle makes a good one for my crf, Im sure they do for the drz

What is wrong with the stock skid plate? It seems to be of good quality.

I got the White Bros. it fits perfect best price and protects the sides some what and is easy to install

i would spend the dollars for the baja designs case guard for the left side. i think it costs about 30$. i came across a drz rider on the trail who had crashed and broke the cover, the shift lever will hit the cover and crack it. oil will leak and you can figure out the rest. jb weld will hold for awhile, but no substitute for fixing it correct.

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