dual purpose tires?

I ride my new XR650L everyday to work. I also, ride it off-road twice a month. What would be the most aggressive tires I can ride on both (street legal)? The ride is on rocks, sand and combination.


There is no magic bullet here. Any tire that is good on the pavement will suck in the dirt. Any tire that is good in the dirt, will wear very fast on the pavement. Additionally, a good knobby dirt tire will not have good traction on the road, especially in the rain. One of my friends bought a 650L a long time ago. He also wanted the DOT tires for road use. He gave us all a lot of laughs off road as we watched him slip, slide, and fall over and over again! The 650L is a big tall heave beast. You need all the traction you can get when off road.

The most aggressive DOT tire that I have seen is the Kenda Trackmaster 2. It's a soft terrain type tread. I wouldn't recommend it on a 650. The engine would shred it in no time. Dunlop D606's are decent. Longer lasting.

The best plan would be to get two sets of wheels. Real street tires on one, and real dirt (non-DOT) tires on the other. They show up from time to time on ebay. If you can only afford one, get a rear. Put a DOT knobby on the front, like a D606 or a Pirelli.

I like the Dunlop 606's on mine, they are great off road! I don't go far on the street maybe 10-20 miles on occassion, therfore they are perfect for me.

I ride in the desert mostly (650R). My last set were D606. Right now I'm on my first set of Pirelli MT21s. So far my impressions are that the D606 have stiffer sidewalls, the MT21 front sticks in my terrain better than the D606 AND seems to be wearing better. Hard to say about the rear--they both seem to hook-up but the D606 was maybe a little tougher (fewer nicks/tears/missing chunks).

I think I got about 1500+ miles (about 50/50 riding) out of the D606. I'm at 500 miles right now on the MT21s (I'm keeping good records this time) of 50/50 riding. They still look pretty good--especially the front. I'm not sure if the rear will make it to 1500 miles but it's looking like the front will.

Fronts and rears seem to wear about equal for me on the pavement. In the dirt the fronts last longer than rears.

Another vote for Dunlop 606's here, but it was a toss-up between those & the Pirelli MT21's. I hear good reports on both. :crazy:

I got a decent deal on the Dunlops, had it been on the Pirelli's, I would have those instead.

I was just looking at the Michelin AC 10's at the dealership. The tread is pretty aggessive for a DOT tire :crazy: . Does anyone have any opinions on this tire?

My vote Pirelli MT 21's. I use 130's without mods to the chain protectors. My opinion is that they are pleanty aggressive, stable on the road and mine have worn really well. I'll buy them again to replace. Front will last through two rears.

I just got a Pirelli MT18HD front about 300 miles ago and a Kenda 270 rear about 700 miles ago. I mostly commute on the bike. No real signs of wear yet on either. I havent tried the front in the rain yet but on dry road it's fine. Temps up here in RI range from the 40's to the mid 60's right now. The front feels better in the warmer temps but is still ok in the cold. The MT-18HD hooks up really well in the dirt and in the woods. Not so great in soft sand.

Hope this helps.

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