HELP!! Brand-new bike has throttle problem...

I'm a new rider and bought a 2001 DRZ400e on Tuesday, Dec. 11th. I noticed on the first day that if I "goose" the throttle too fast from IDLE engine speed, the engine dies. Now, I'm talking about a QUICK, firm twist on the throttle. If I twist it at a more "normal" speed, there is sometimes a slight hesitation before rpms increase. Even after a good warm up, this still occurs. I've taken it back to the dealer---they took the carb off and inspected it and found no obvious problem. They suggested that a four-stroke simply won't build revs as fast as a two-stroke, and that twisting the throttle too fast dumps too much fuel too fast. But I find it hard to believe that it's normal for a brand-new engine to quit --- no matter how fast you twist the handle. Any ideas on what might be happening? I'd appreciate any thoughts/suggestions that you gurus out there can give me, and that I could pass on to my dealer's mechanic.

I think you should just drive it normal like you said in the begining :) Mine does the same thing. You could check the fuel screw on the bottom of the float bowl. It usally comes 1 1/2 turns out. Going out a maximum of 1 turn more may help a little. I also think you should let it break in for a few hundred miles before you stop driving it"NORMAL" :D

All 4 strokes have this bog off idle if you peg the throttle.I know I have never been in a situation where I had to go from idle to wide open instantly.When I ride I always get the rpms up a bit as I let the clutch go .When the motor has any kind of rpm behind it this problem is gone.Ride the bike you will find out this is a problem that will never affect you.

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Thanks alot, you guys... I'm greatly relieved to hear this! I also want to clarify that I was not "winding out" my brand-new engine. The phenomenon I was observing was related to the RATE of throttle input. I've been careful not to redline my new machine. Now that I know that this observation of mine does not mean there's something wrong with the bike, I'm excited to get out there and start riding!


A bigger main jet is the answer. All new bikes are set to meet EPA rules, not to run well.

suzuki has a slight problem moving bikes off the show room floor--good news and bad--the good news is- the salesmen discount the heck out of drz- the bad news is that the gas gets old! use or drain the old gas then replace it with high octane and your bike will run much better!

by the way thats not normal so dont let the dealer bs you-the guys on this forum are some on the best-if its not the gas-most anyone here can tell you how to correct it!

I agree with the rest of you guys. My XR did the same thing. And I noticed if I chocked it, it went away. After dicking with the XR for months I read an article in some dirt bike magazine on how the jet 4-strokes. The first thing they said is don't gun it in neutral and think your too lean because it bogs or dies. If your in gear riding and it bogs that is a different story.

Like the other guys said if it's new you need to break it in first. You probably have only half the compression you will have later. Once the bike is broke in you can start fine tuning it. Other wise you will be dicking with it forever because it's always changing. Go a head and do the jet and needle changes. Get used to the bike and see where the problems are and adjust them at a later date.

My $.02

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