Loretta Lynn eh?

If a canadian could ever afford to do this trail ride in April 02 what would be involved as in insurance and trail permits??

Just wondered, cabin fever thing don't ya know and Nashville is calling :)

Come on guys, Elvis works there :)

From here (NB Canada) to Nashville Tennessee is 1594 miles and the est travel time would be 24 hrs.

By comparison from here to Toronto is 653 miles.

This is one of the problems with living here in the sticks good trails though :D

That bad huh?

Sounded good?

Worst of it is i had the Mrs convinced.

You talkin' to yourself? Take it from me, the ride is great. I ride the TRAIL when my BOSS lets me off... :)

Originally posted by bakinsaddle:

You talkin' to yourself? Take it from me, the ride is great. I ride the TRAIL when my BOSS lets me off... :D

Tell us more....

Is Canadian Dollars accepted at par? :)

Any other Canadians or TT'ers want to hook up and travel??

Hey Dennis,

Glad to see you considering coming down and riding with us! The only things required for the ride are membership with either VSTA or MTDR and pay the fee for the ride($25). I'm not sure about MTDR, but VSTA's yearly membership is only $15. If you can make it, you should come. There are some very good trails at Loretta's. Nothing exrtemely challenging, but there is a little of everything. At the VSTA ride, Dr.Billz layed out the trails. He did a wonderful job. Close to the most fun I've had on the trails. I'm glad MTDR is having this Spring ride...now I can ride at Loretta's twice a year! :)


Which would be the best the Spring ride or the Fall ride?

Not sure. This will be the first time for a ride in the spring. The weather here is about the same in April as it is in October. Temps in the 60's. A little rain here and there.

I sent you a PM.

I leave in south east Tennessee can some one post a link for some more info. please.


[ December 25, 2001: Message edited by: Drill Pusher ]

Thanx Cal

Have to get some more bikes from here to share the trip.

Anybody interested?

www.mtdr.net for more info

thanks for posting the info dendrz. I'm stationed at Ft. Eustis, VA right now for training but should be finished in plenty of time to attend.

Denis, no way I could make the April. What's the

fall date?

Originally posted by Back Burner:

Denis, no way I could make the April. What's the

fall date?

The fall trip would be easier for me too maybe, there are some ODSC runs in the spring too.

I think it was the end of October last year.

Don't think its posted yet Dr.Bilz maps the fall ride.

It would be fun and if we could link up with a few more guys on the way it would help with costs.

Probably take a van and bike\trailer if i get enough interested.

www.mtdr.net for more info

My godson would be interested. He goes like hell and takes no breaks!

I have nothing but fond memories of being able to beat him!


The spring ride will be bike only and the trails will be designed for bikes. Probably 70% of the trails will be freshly cut. More technical stuff and more challenging in many sections than the fall ride. I love the fall ride but this one will just be somewhat different.

Come on April! Hurry up! :)

Drill Pusher, CAL, and 4banger, I live in Nashville and was at the fall ride. I am a member of VSTA and will join MTDR soon. Lets hook up for the April ride. My dad has just told me that he still has the old trailer(3 bike) that we used when I was a kid. It needs a lot of work but it might be ready by April(got a fairly new youngun around these days). Ya'll Canadian guys sound great too. I have a '01 S and Mine was the only one I saw at the fall ride, I did a little 2nd honeymooning though so I didn't see everyone. I understand that there where over 800 riders there. Anyway, drop me an E-mail if ya'll want to hook up for the April ride, I am trying to teach my wife to ride, so if any of ya'll know where I could borrow or purchase an older XR100 or thereabouts let me know. She will be with me.



I was at the fall ride too. Well, for Friday only. I wiped out and hurt my leg and couldn't ride the rest of the weekend. :) We definately need to hook up for the spring ride. I love riding with big groups. My dad and I restored a three bike trailer that he and my grandfather had built about 20 years ago.

Chris Grissom at Suzuki of Paris has an XR100 for sale. Might want to give him a call. Tell him the guy with a blown DRZ transmission told you about it.

Suzuki of Paris web page

Hey everybody, I live in New Johnsonville, TN which is about 20 miles from LL ranch. I can't wait for the spring ride. I was at the fall ride along with my neighbor who rides an DRZS and we had a blast. I can't think of a time when I had that much fun on a bike. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

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