Water Pump Hose Guard

Before I went and got the big skid plate I damaged my hose coming off the water pump twice. The first time I fell and split it wide open at the pump. The sec time I got a cactus spike so I came up with this fix.

I took a 3/4" 45* PVC elbow and split it. Then tie-wraped it over the hose. I even took my dremel out and cut out little slots for the tie-wraps to fit threw. I installed the coolest little FOX sticker I had and BINGO, I have a water pump hose guard. Total cost with sticker $1.29

That is neat :)

One of those why did'nt i think of that things :D

Got a pic of it per chance?


$1.29 for a stinking PVC fitting? Where did you buy it ot on Rodao drive? Really good idea. May add it to my already armor plated Suzuki.

I have seen some with braided hose that looked cool.In fact the 2002 Suzuki has brading over the hose. Problem is if the bike is dropped and hits a hard spot the waterpump outlet will cut the hose from the inside. The pump outlet will also bend and needs to be swaged round again before installing a new $40 hose. I made an aluminum wing that bolts to the aluminum skid plate. It bends out and over the hose and pump. Thorns will go right thru that soft rubber hose and I'll bet the brading too.. I have had them go thru leather boots. The aluminum wing protects the pump and hose.

Well the cool Fox sticker cost a buck$$$. I can send a picture of it Just need a address. moredesert@aol.com e-mail me and I'll send it.

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