Might go to turkey point tommorow (saturday)

If anybody is in the area, and is considering going, send me an e-mail. I'll check before I leave and before that, etc.

Location across from turkey point camping area.

I'm considering the posibility that it is too late in the year here to go riding... just considering.

E-mail gyro777@yahoo.com

The ground is a little hard don't you think? I saw a guy on a Harley this morning around 8 am, must have been cold, I was cold in the truck.

I wouldn't want to take a spill when the ground is this hard. I might do some ATV riding at the cottage tomorrow, there is still no snow up there.

I think I am getting snow fever as I spend all my free time looking for a snowmobile to ride so I can get over the DRZ in storage blues.

Have fun!

not sure, turkey point is all sand, and the ground around here is not frozen... seeing how turkey point is even further south, I think it will be okay. for alittle while.

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