'05 WR450 REAL Bad stalling problem ... !!HELP!!

I unloaded my bike at Cal city about 3 months ago to go riding with my buddies. My bike started fine, I let it warm up a little, and started to take off to turtle hill (a.k.a. Ant hill) when I noticed my bike kept backfiring and trying to stall. It seemed to want to sputter and stall most the higher up through the gears I went. My buddies gave me all the advice they had in their arsenals but to no avail. I tried cleaning the carb, the air filter, the spark plug, checked the tank, went all through the electrical, I'm at a loss . I spent the whole day working on that bike while my buddies were out. I still can't seem to get rid of the problem, could use some help....... That desert trip had somewhat of a happy ending.....I drank all their beer for leaving me at the trucks. :crazy::ride::ride:

Can we assume the bike ran well in the past?

Did your air fuel screw fall out?

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