Strange behavior (won't start)

I already asked for help once but I can't figure this one out. My bike has always run great until the other day when I noticed a little white smoke out the exhaust at high rpms and a small stumble at mid throttle. It was also colder that day than it has been this year. Next day it wouldn't start and gas drips out the vent hoses. It would fire for a second with the hot-start and then die again. I've checked the carb for stuck float and it all looks clean inside. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated--need the blue beast for the deer hunt this weekend!

2000 yz timed, ekp#4, 168 main, 48 pilot, 1.5 turns on the pilot screw

Have you looked at the radiator fluid to see if you have oil? Also, check the oil for foam or radiator fluid. You may have just sucked some water in through the air filter which could explain the white smoke (steam) and may have been enough to foul the plug.

I am using a 45 pj and considering going back to the 42 pj since I have my air screw turns down to 1/2 turn. I think you are simular in altitude as I am so you may need to lean down your pilot jet. I also have an FMF pipe and silencer which is more free flowing than stock. If you are running a stock pipe you would be even richer. The cold air should reduce that condition somewhat, but I would be surprised to find that it is enough to justify the large pilot jet.

If may take more information to get to the casue.



My thumper acted the same way a few days ago, kicked like crazy and no start, white smoke out the exhaust pipe, I could only start her with the hot start button out and not the choke, had gas leaking out my hoses underneath. I would kick her 30-40 times to clear her then start over, she would run for a second or two and then die.

I changed out the plug and varoomm! No more problems lighting her up. Try the plug and a bet she will fire up and run like a champ.


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