Fuel mileage

New DRZ owner 12/21/01, Am middle age Dual sporter, just sold trusty old 1984 XT600 in November bought DR650, lot's better bike allround BUT NOT A TRAIL bike. Traded for DRZ400s yesterday all said and done, money spent for 650 and trade dif. came out at $5650. Not bad for the lesson. Question? Anyone have an idea of the gas mileage with 400s. TW200(wifes) DRZ400s I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than any city in the world. Steve McQueen.

Dan, I get around 90 miles when I hit reserve. Welcome to the wonderful world of Z. :) Oh, BTW, I had a TT-500, a real moutain bike. :D

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Thanx for the reply DR-ZEZ, 90mi. huh? looks like another two bill's for lg. cap. tank. Can you help me with this? all this net surfing has left me numb, I saw somewhere about mod. on stock exaust, larger outlet spark arester baffel cutting. Do you know where that is??? Had some images with it too. Thanx for the help. :)

Dan, Just curious, what year is your wifes TW?

Dan, the exhaust mod is cutting the end cap restricter out. This is done by using a 1 3/8 " hole saw. You can take the end cap off to see what I'm talking about. Remove the three hex socket cap bolts and the end cap/spark arrester assembly comes right out. I did the cutting with the end cap on the bike. Just insert the hole saw in and cut out the smaller diameter restricter tube. It's tack welded in place and it is made of real thin sheet metal, so you will go through it quick. Just keep the drill parallel and don't apply too much pressure. You don't want to accidently cut into the spark arrester mesh. Some also drill holes through the baffles inside. I elected not to do this, as I didn't want it that loud. The restricter mod was enough to make a noticable difference in power without a significant noise increase. Check out the Jetting database thread for what jets to use for the S. There are a number a larger cap tanks to choose from: Acerbis, IMS, and Clark to name a few. I think http://www.bajadesigns.com sells one. So does http://www.fourstrokesonly.com as well as http://www.chaparral-racing.com . :)

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Hi Dan welcome

Love that Steeve McQueen quote.

I got a digital camera and can put a photo on here of the same mod as Dr-zez if you req'd.

I found it worked good not a lot louder but better throttle response, i kept the drilled out piece as i could make an insert to replace if invited to ride in somebody's space that is noice sensitive.

Jim462 It's an 1989 blue on blue TW200. Got it brand new and have never had a problem with it. Jim not to pry personal but is 462 maby a referance to an Air Force specialiry code? I spent 8 years as an 462x0 weapons mech. "When you come to a fork in the road take it". (Yogie Berra)

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