DRZ oil change

Is there anyone who has problem when changing oil in suzuki drz 400e.

When i have removed the oil plug and the motorcykle is empty of oil i replace both the plugs and refill with 1700 ml of oil. The problem is when i start the engine all the oil goes from the oil tank so there are no oil on the oilstick, even though i left it idling for three minutes.

I also tried to fill another 200 ml of oil into the oiltank but there is still no oil on the stick. What is the problem ?

I know this sounds stupid, but the first time I changed my oil and did a check I looked at the dip stick and couldn't see the oil because it was so clean I had to hold in the light just right in order to see the oil line on the stick.

I'm 46 nad my eyes arn't what they used to be.

I have a Servise Manual (Suzuki Motor Corporation)for a DRZ 400 E . If you want any info on oil change on oil specs. e-mail to ask. Gert_74@hotmail.com

That doesn't sound stupid Hotler because I did the same thing.I bet that is the problem your

having Magnus.

i end up with almost 2 qts. before my 00e is full.i put in 1&3/4qts.then check it,then top it off.you can use a flashlight to look down in the filler hole and see the oil before it touches the dipstick. they are right it is hard to see the clean oil sometimes. good luck

oh yea, make sure the bike is not on the side stand.hold the bike upright to check the oil.

see ya

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