Rear Brake Assembly Question...'05 XR650L


Last night I installed new brake pads in the rear, and also a new Scotts Performance shark fin. The only way I could get the wheel to go back on was the remove the little clip spacer thing that the front-most part of the brake pad slips into. Do you know what I mean? It's like a little flat piece of metal that came off the old brake mount, and when I put it on the new shark fin the disc would hit it and make it impossible to put the wheel on. The brake pad package itself said not to "refit the shim" or something, so I assume that's what it meant. Any insight would be great!

Also, other than the little peg and that one allen-head bolt, what holds the brake caliper on? It seems like it's a little loose and I've pretty much tightened up that allen-head bolt that connects the caliper to the shark fin as much as possible. Thoughts?


I think you're talking about the pad retainer clip, the front edge of the pad goes into it. I would put that back in. A shim and a clip are two different things. The caliper floats around some, no worries as long as the bolt is tight.

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