Cooling problem

When my bike was new the cooland overflow thank was always empty but now i is always a small amount of coolant in the overflowtank according to the manual it is not ment to be this way. I have tried to fill up with more cooland in the radiator but it doesent work.

If the fluid level is correct when the motor is cold a little over-flow is normal when the bike is in use and at operating tempeture. Just like your car cooling system when the fluid gets hot and expands it runs into the over-flow tank, when it cools down it sucks its self back into the radiator. Don't worry unless the over-flow tank starts boiling over everytime you ride the bike.

Have fun.

I agree with Hotler 100%.

If you want to make sure the radiators are always full of coolant with no trapped air then the tank MUST have coolant in it when cold.

Otherwise it will suck in air when cooling.

Keep the tank half full and it will always self purge the air and suck back in coolant when cooling off. That is how cars have worked for at least 30 years. If there is coolant in the tank you know the system is full without ever removung the radiator cap.

To add to the tank add a vacuum to the overflow hose that comes out of the top of the tank and hangs down under the bike. Pour water in the right radiator to cover the overflow hole and it will be sucked into the tank. Otherwise you have to wait for the coolant to bubble down there and keep adding to the radiator. That method takes maybe 10 minutes but is worth it. The vacuum takes maybe a minute.

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