UK spec against US spec WR450(05)

:crazy: can anyone tell me the differences, from a technical point of veiw, i need to know what restrictions the U.S versions have compared to the U.K versions if any!!

i know the U.S has a 'spark arrestor fitted to the exaust, does the U.K one get that as well, but you can take it out? Does the carb have any mods etc?

it all stems from my freind who has purchased a brand new WR450 05, so called UK spec, but it has a spark arrestor and a funny carb looking thing on the right hand hand side!! i am wondering if the dealer has pulled a fast one, or Yamaha for that matter!(getting rid of all steel framed YZ/WR's?)

Just pull the arrestor.

The funny carb looking thing is a AIS pump. (I think thats what you mean).

Strictly a clean air device that injects fresh air into the exhaust so the tail pipe emmissions are higher in O2.

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