yoshimura cam & ignition

I am considering installing the yoshimura cam & ignition kit in my 01 DRZ400, has anybody out there installed this kit & if so can you give me some information on performance gains.

Have you read any of the Motorcycles magizines out there? I did and upgrading the heads on any gasoline engine gives you more power. Thats where most of the power comes from is from the heads. If you want more power you will get it in the high top end. That mod will give it to ya. I like Low - Mid and High end so Im keeping my cams Stock. If you do this upgrade to your bike...remember to ask them if they come with shims.

WOW--- Richard,as fast as you are do me a favor

dont even think about it,you all ready have a rocket,and make me work to hard to keep you in site already!!!!!!!!!!.James, Hey See ya on the trail.

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