Bottom and Mid range question

I am running a 170 main and 48 pilot. Every mod I can do is done. It dies off idle if I nail it. That doesn't really bother me unless some one knows a cure. My top end comes on like my hopped up Banshee did. Since this is a 4-stroke, what can I do to get the mid and bottom to come on like that? I'm not exaggerating about the top end. I hit the main jet and its like a completely different motor. The transition's for pilot to needle to main are not smooth. Let me know what you guys think.

Did you time your Accelerator Pump squirt? What's your leak jet?

I haven't timed anything and the leak jet is stock. I watched the pin go down with the cover off the side and it goes slower when it is cold and faster when it is hot. The owner of the local Honda dealership told me that is just how they are so I didn't question him.


Where can I find information on timing the accelerator pump?



A search in this forum should yield many posts about timing the AP squirt. I didn't time mine because I don't have the bog, or much of it anyway. But, I have seen lots of posts here. Also, I believe that www.thumperfaq.htm may have info on it, but I haven't looked for awhile.

I'd recommend looking into it because several posts have talked about the benefits it brings.

The leak jet is another one to check out. See the jetting chart stickied in this forum. It is easy to change--it is in the carb bowl. YOu just take off the bowl and change it out, if needed.

Still sounds lean at the bottom.

Drop the Leak Jet to around 40

Adjust the slop from the AP linkage - (10 min job tops)

If you want to keep going, time the AP squirt.

The ap linkage adjustment is in the owners manual. If you don't have a manual go here and get one.

this will be a multi language manual. Look under the section for the carb.

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