What removes seat graphics?

Anybody know what would remove the stock Suzuki logo on the seat cover? Something must do it as mine was smeared when I got it. Paint thinner doesn't do it.


How about a gel seat cover? LoL

I don't think that logo comes off. If it was smeared, than it might have been a defect. I scratched the hell out of my seat right across the logo and nothing happened. I would think some of those chemicals mentioned might damage the seat. I could be wrong.

If I remember right I used Acetone to take seat graphics off a CR that I had once.

Try WD 40. It should not hurt the seat material. I would also try Gumout then Acetone in that order.


I have removed them with aerosol carb. cleaner. Put it on a rag and rag it on. Don't spray it on the seat cover directly.

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