XR650R Wheel Bearing Removal Tips

The concept sounds good,it should do the same job as an expanding collet that is used for that very same job. :crazy:

where can we find this expanding mandrel? Is is the 85$ jobby that Honda sells?

You should try a hardware store where they sell drills taps and shop equipment,they usually come as sets of different sizes tough you could get them individually,most surelly they will cost less than a factory (honda) unit.If you cant find it locally try McMaster Carr or Grainger.

That's a great tip!

I've banged out wheel bearings plenty of times with a sharp edged drift, but it got to the point where I needed a better solution, so I bought some pilot bearing pullers and modified them to fit various bearing applications for quick and simple removal. I modified my pilot bearing puller to work with a slide hammer (turning it into a 'Blind Bearing Puller'), so it's simply a matter of getting the jaws locked onto the inside edges of the bearing and giving it a few whacks with the slide and out they come :crazy:

Well, finally got my bearings out... had to weld a piece of rod to the large bearing and use a press to get it out.. it was galled/rusted into place... Then I was able to reach through and press out the small bearing

Anybody have an opinion on not re-installing that damn sleeve between the bearings? Seems like this might make the next bearing replacement much easier....

Jond that sleeve acts as a spacer to keep the bearings from moving inwards when you tighten your wheels,it also prevents them from being crushed by the torque.

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