DRZ400 vs. YZ426F & 250's (Continued)

When you go to compare different the stregnths of the DRZ vs. other machines many site the horsepower at a given rev. range but seem to overlook any torque curve specs. Does the DRZ holeshot because it has 4 stroke torque in the low end and in the short shift. I have no torque charts on the DRZ. :)

Dunno: But I have run on blacktop against YZ250F and souped up wr250F doing roll ons and the DRZ400E will walk away from them in any gear even with the other riders being much lighter. On the trail they eat my lunch but that is weight and ability. On the other hand my 98 CR250 easily out accelerated a DRZ400E in the sand with paddles in any gear at any speed up to maybe 70 when the cr was topped out. But by then the DRZ was way back.

Just two examples to add the confusion.

I M O it would take a really fast DRZ400E to accelerate anything like a 426 Yamaha. When it comes to drag racing it is all about torque/horsepower and weight. With the close ratio gearing of a YZ the horsepower probably would rule and DRZ torque would be better used on the hill climbs.

Another guy wrote that his DRZ blasted a kx250 et you say a cr250 defeated you under any scenario. Could it be that the CR is that much faster than the KX? I think not. Maybe the weight and ability of the riders is to blame for the differences.

Tony It was MY cr250 that I said out pulled my friends DRZ400E in the sand with paddles. Just a comparison. Cannot speculate on how it compares to a KX250. Probably about the same. My drz also will walk away from his drz in a drag race even though he is a better (faster) trail ride, since I changed needles. Mine is relatevly new and his has a zillion miles on it also.

Probably all in the jetting and or gearing.

As far as anyone saying their dog is better then my dog because they BEAT it in a race it pretty much depends on conditions. If you want to test pure acceleration then you need to set it up so certain conditions are ruled out like traction and ability to keep the front wheel on the ground.

A roll on from second gear up on blacktop is a good place to start. Even then the cr would have to be in 3rd to keep it from flipping over.

Sand paddles also tend to hook up well enough to test acceleration after 3rd gear or up a hill.

When I get my paddles off the CR I will take it out and drag it against my DRZ400E under test conditions and repart back. That should get another flaming thread going.

I have too much fun riding sweep to really worry much about all that stuff anyway.......Victor

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