Ski Run Scrambles

The AMA-D36 Ski Run Scrambles on 10/20/01 at Donner Ski Ranch in Norden has been postponed do to extreme dust. They will post a new date on on 11/18/01

Bring On The Rain

[This message has been edited by Unkle Moose (edited October 17, 2001).]

So does this mean you & RetSenior will be at Elkins Flat on Saturday for some riding? Or has your landscape crew boss scheduled you to work both days now?


My landscape crew of 1 frown.gif is only workin on Sunday. I will be there on Saturday for ride smile.gif Brining along another budyy of mine CRASHMAN and his XR400

See ya Saturday.

Unkle Moose, THANK YOU shocked.gif . I was prepared to leave tomorrow afternoon, yes bring on the rain.

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