how 2 remove auto decomp

Has anyone tried this on a 650r mine is wearing out and I am to cheap to buy a Hot Cam.

I've done it plenty of times for other people. It's just a matter of removing the cam, pulling off the cam gear (NOT by the ears or they'll break!) and removing everything between the cam gear and the lobe. There's a drilled hole in the stock cam directly underneath the auto decomp mechanism that provides oil to the mechanism and you simply weld it shut. Two seconds with a mig welder and its done, or you can epoxy / JB weld it shut, etc, but I prefer to weld it shut. If you leave it open, then the oil from that hole takes the path of the least resistance, which is back down inside the cam chain cavity and I'd rather make better use of the oil / pressure, which is why I weld that hole shut.

Once the auto decomp mechanism is removed, make sure the only way you start your bike is by kicking it over from just past TDC. If you kick it like a 2 stroke or try to start it from the middle of the stroke, you run the risk of kick back and or possibly injury. Start it right and you won't have any issues.

it wont be easy to separate the shaft from the wheel.i did it on my 600 and

it took a lot of fiddling around until it came loose.if you have a press it much easier

How do you know it is wearing out? What are the symptoms?

Thanks for the info I have more time than money. My bike is a 2001 with unknown milage sometimes I can find the compresion stroke after two or three kicks sometimes it takes ten or more and I am to old for that kind of workout.

I too sometimes find that TDC is "missing". I've found that a slow kick (way slower than you'd normally do) one or two times helps undo whatever is letting compression out.


Are you kicking it 10 times to actually start it? You do little easy kicks until it stops dead about mid-stroke and then come up one click and give a nice firm (not fast!) kick. Should start 1st or 2nd kick cold, full choke or 1st or 2nd kick hot, no choke. If you know what the deal is I apologize.... Just seems kinda drastic to remove one of the best features on the bike if it's just a matter of knowing how to kick the pig.

Again, I apologize if this comes off as arrogant. Just tends to be a lot of 2-smoke kickers out there that think you hop on and start hackin'. :crazy:

Thanks skyriver I am kicking slow just tring to find TDC. Last year it worked fine. This year the auto decomp won't release or when I find TDC and give it a big kick the motor won't even turn over so I hit the manual decomp lever and try a kick after TDC. I am getting tired of guesing I thought without the auto feature I could spend more time ridding and less kicking.

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