Another Great Ride!


2001 DRZ 400 E "Today" Grand Junction Colorado

Today it got warm enough to take the new motorcycle out. 40 degrees and sunny. I bundled up and went by myself promising to be safe and careful. I made a jet change in my carburator (148 main) and richened up the low range fuel screw 2 ½ turns out, so I was looking forward to trying it out. The Bookcliffs were perfect and the sun was shinning. I headed out from 29 road next to I-70 and went North to the Bookcliffs. I found that the South side of the hills and the ridge tops were free from snow and mud and I hauled ass in 2nd and 3rd gear most of the time. Just sitting lightly on the seat or standing on the pegs. I love that feeling when you are speeding along and you see a dip coming and just sort of let the bike drop out from under you and stand up. Then your up high and have the view to see the upcoming crest and give a little tug on the bars. Just enough to get the front wheel in the air and as you accelerate it comes back down ever so gently. “CLICK” to third. OK now there is a right hand turn coming, need to set up and pick my line. A little snow on the inside and a big rut down the middle but it looks clear on the outside. OK downshift and keep the momentum going.”CLICK”. Turn, Stay loose. Stay loose, OK I'm around the apex, straighten it out, gas it, easy, gas it hard. The back end starts to slide, shift my weight to the outside peg, keep the power on Go Go Go. Yeah Perfect. That feels so Gooooood! OH Baby lets do it again. OOPS! Better pay attention it looks like a drop of coming up. Can't see the other side. Ready with the breaks but keep going, coming up fast, can't see, can't see OK it's clear. Gas it, Gas it, A little tug on the bars, lean back, keep my elbows bent yeehaw Houston We Have A Lift OFF! Ok keep it straight, nice and level here we go, coming down to land OOMPH. Perfecto! Nice landing I says to myself. Gee how come no one is watching when I do it right. Oh what a perfectly beautiful day, sit back and coast on a flat stretch. Thank You Lord! Thank you for your blessings and please keep them coming. Hey I think I will head out to SKINNY RIDGE and see if anyone is out there doing the hill. Here I go blasting along the snake like trail, changing my mind at intersections that look interesting. Like this one on the left looks smooth and fast, downshift, brake, brake harder, still to fast, Oh Poop gas it hard I will time it better on the next one I think, as I go back to third and keep going straight, Engine is loafing in the midrange as I weave back and forth on the best line avoiding the rocks and patches of snow. Hey am I good or what? Lets try fourth. CLICK and gas it. Oh yeah that's the way ah huh, ah huh I like it ah huh, ah huh. OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiit Man eating Whoops coming up fast. What was I thinking, Back to third, "CLICK" YOUR IN TROUBLE NOW DUDE!! Must be someone out there watching! I always blow it when there watching! Not this time Gas it Gas it lean forward and keep those elbows bent. BAM, BAM, BAM get on the edge of them dummy, Oh yea that's better, keep it going, keep it going. Looking good. Gosh my legs ache but I am almost there yeah. There it is by the power lines on the left. Shiiiiiiiiiitttt where did all this snow come from? I am going way to fast! Hold it steady, keep it straight don't gas it, don't brake, just keep her going we are almost through it, MADE IT!!! Must have been 75 feet of that icy snow. Glad I didn't dump it.

Well, I guess what I am really trying to say is it was a nice day and I got about 35 miles of riding in and the bike ran perfect and so did I. Never fell down ounce. Hope you enjoyed going with me! This is a great riding area out in the open with no trees or bushes for miles. Just open flat clay desert. Kind of reminds me of Sand dunes without the sand. Washout's and trails going everywhere. Tomorrow is suposed to be just as nice. Come join me!

EZGZ, nice, thanks for letting me come along for the ride. I got to get out there, it sounds like some awesome trail riding. Next year I have a 4 week sabatical on top of my regular 3 week vacation, in other words, a lot of extra time. Maybe I'll trailer my bike out that way and tent it. :)

That was nice. This is why I come to Colorado every summer. Now that I have a motorcycle, I can play like I know what I'm doing, going really fast. Keep the stories coming! :)

Snow coming, cold here, cabin fevor setting in....


might go riding tommorow... might,mustmustmustmustmustmust....... :)

As long as I get the encourgment I will keep the stories coming. As far as coming out here for some riding I think that would be great! It is centraly located thats for sure. I have a picture of myself at the base of skinney ridge. I will try and get it posted?


Just kidding :) thanks for the ride , almost got an adrenaline rush . Cant wait for spring . I recently put on a 13t g,box sprocket , and new michelin s12´s - also renthal CR highs . Thinking of the YZ needle also - cant wait to try it all out properly.

Happy holidays everyone.


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