DRZ coughs and dies ......Help

My DR 400 E will hiccup once in awhile and die. This only happens when it is idling and usually but not always, when the engine is cold. The motor will make a "clank" noise and die when idiling and does it maybe 3 times before it is warmed up. The bike runs good otherwise and pulls hard through the powerband. Is this coughing and stalling a jetting problem? Does anyone else have this problem?

Bike has a titanium Yosh pipe with 160 main and 1 size larger pilot jet. Thanks for any help-


What milage is on your bike?

I can identify with the clank noice it happened on tight trail at low rpm.

My 400S done that until first service then i started giving it some and it went away, either that or maybe i just stoped babying the thing.

Turn your fuel screw out one more turn and the idle up some. The problem will go away.

What have you done to the bike, as far as mods go?

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