Beat by a CRF450

Met a CRf 450 out on the trail today. Man that sure is a pretty machine. Runs good to. We played cat and mouse at the bookcliffs for a couple hours and then headed back to the trucks. He wanted to run up and down the dirt frontage road along I-70 so we lined up and let it loose. My DRZ 400 E stayed dead even in 1st and 2nd but half way through 3rd he started to pull away and thats the name of that tune. I wouldn't trade my button for it tho. I didn't do as bad as I thought I would.

I bet a DRZ punched out to 450cc would hold its own quite well against a CRF, out on the trail anyway... not at the track. Good to hear you ran with him without problems.

drz= best trail bike

crf= best mx bike

We have a DRZ470 ready to go against a good running stock CRF450.

The 450 already waxed two different 426's on six different attempts last weekend. There is no question about that one -- a 450 is about 4-5 bike lengths quicker over 1/8 mile on level, good traction soil; typical holeshot material.

The 470 owner thinks the quicker revving 450 will do very well against his bike. And yes, we all know a 430 (or whatever it is) is quicker revving and might be a better drag race partner.

The 450 owner has put a lot of time on the 470 and says he thinks the drag race will be comparable cuz both bikes put the power to the ground similiarly.

The 470 owner says the drag race will take place where no suspension influence will be present, i.e., rough, whooped race, etc. Straight and smooth.

i own both a 01 drz400e and a 02 crf450 and i can tell you that stock versus stock that it is not even close. but you have to remember that they are made for completely different purposes. i haven't been for a good ride yet, but i believe that my drz will be an awesome trail bike. but when i want to fly on open field or go to the track i'll stick with the crf. each bike does its on thing and i love them both.


Comparing a DRZ to a CRF is apples to oranges. Niether will be very well suited to the others intended purpose. That's why you need both! :)


2001 YZ250F

2000 DRZ400Y

Ya, and what do you figure it has now for HP? Has anyone ventured a guess? Must be close to what the yz426 has rifgt?

No real effective speed diff in the desert with the exception that I have a higher top speed if I want to go that fast.

Hey KevinS,

Tell me more about the 440 kit for the S. Did you replace the mikuni with an E carb?

What improvement did you get from the kit? (top speed, ect.) Any downside to the thumper kit? reliability, ect?

What did the thumper kit cost?

Thanks for the info!

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