How Red Does Your Pipe Get?

Im just wondering if your pipe glows :crazy: How does it make you feel?

How much does it glow?

Do the newer bikes glow too?

Just something about a glowing pipe that bothers me. I need to get over it :ride:

At night time it glows bright red, during the daytime ya don't even notice it!!!

My sons 250F glowed bright red when we got it home. I mean it would start glowing right away at idle. It was lean on the pilot circuit. After adjusting it still glowed a little if you let it sit and idle for extended periods. I think this is normal.

There is nothing to worry about, all of our bikes glow. If it glows a really far distance from the head, then you might be a little lean.

Mine glowed red like crazy until I re-jetted it. Some think it is normal, but I think it shows the bike is lean. It will glow red while idling for a few inches, but much past that I would consider jetting it richer.

OH MY GAWD, my pipe never glows red. Something must be wrong. Of the 10 billion posts about this, I have never heard of a pipe glowing red. :crazy:

I need to get over it
Yes, please do. :ride:

Uncorking the pipe and letting more of those hot gases out will also lower the head pipe temp.

Mine did that when I was screwing around with the carb. Low mixture, high idle. That caused my red pipe.

With my carb properly jetted and tuned and sufficient air flow, it stopped glowing.

I agree if it's glowing it must be running lean somewhere, and I think it should be fixed.

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