has anyone tried dual sporting w/out a kit?

My DRZ/e came with a brake light and switch. So for Mass. street legal I just need to add high and low beam and turn signals. We can use a Marx brothers type horn. Baja designs kit is about $370. Seems like I should be able to get turn signals and high beam for less than that. Has anyone tried this? Also, if anyone has a DRZ/s turn signal switch for sale I would be interested.

thanks for your help.

You can order all the parts you need from Baja Designs.Call them they will help you decide what you need and only what you need.I had ordered the BD wire harness for my kicker.When they found out I had a horn,turn signals,and headlight already he called me back and said there was no need to spend the extra 100+ dollars on a harness.The handlebar switchpanel does it all and cost 65 bucks signals will be around 25 a set and a headlight around 75 bucks.They will walk you through what wires go to what a great company to deal with.

I am thinking of doing the same thing. I live in North Carolina, and the hard part in this state is getting the title. The actual inspection is performed by a dealer, and if you get the right dealer, they tend to overlook small stuff, i.e.- DOT tires. I figure I need a brake light switch, a brake light of some sort (resistor mod using stock LED?), a hi/low beam switch wired into a dual filament bulb, and a mirror. NC doesn't require turn signals. I gotta believe there is a cheaper way to get these few pieces/parts then spending $300 - $400 on a BD kit.

Of course you have to be a bit creative. You have to figure out how to wire up the brake light switch and the hi/low switch yourself, but that is part of the fun.

Good luck. Keep us posted on your progress.

Chris.d is your bike an 02 model E.

Could be easier to dualsport at the front end too!

Post below by Tom becket said this

Quote-all you uk riders buying the `02 e model, it comes with a dipping headlight at last, dont go out and buy an aftermarket light and junk the suzuki one, all you need to do is fit a switch and another connector to the light as the holder is already wired and comes with a twin filament bulb but the plug is only wired for a single filament bulb.

Originally posted by cetris:

[QB]I am thinking of doing the same thing. I live in North Carolina, and the hard part in this state is getting the title. The actual inspection is performed by a dealer...


I will be moving to NC sometime this year (living there part-time now) and I was told that it is VERY difficult to dual sport a bike that says "for off-road use only" or something similar on the MSO, even if you use a commercial kit like the Baja Designs. I was also told that the DMV must inspect the vehicle, that you have to make an appointment for someone to come out and see the bike, that the appointments get cancelled, etc. I think you know what I mean. I might be wrong, but perhaps you should double-check what need to be done before spending time and money on mods.

Mike OD

I dual sported my "E". I used UFO lights with turn sig built in. Looks cool, one neat package. I did the work myself and cost about $250. One thing I had to do is add a stiffener to the rear fender. That cost about $100. The plate is a different story.

Mike OD,

Yea, what you have heard about the NC DMV is true. I looked into it a couple of years ago when I was considering doing the dualsport thing with a KTM. I plan to go the Vermont route to get the title and plates, then just transfer the registration to NC when the Vermont registration expires.

Happy Holidays


My drz is a 2000, but I think I have the headlight figured. My light isn't the stock version, it is an Acerbis. It has two small round lights. I will run one light for low beam and both for high. Check out weekendtoy's post, the Baja Designs handlebar switch, which I believe controls: run,low and high beam, horn, and turn signals), is 65 bucks, that sounds reasonable. $50 for two sets of signals, $5-10 for a flasher, and $10 for wire and connectors. Sounds like under $150 for all. Fortunately, my bike came with a clean N.H. title which doesn't mention " dirt bike only" or "off road use only" so it's no problem at the Mass. registry.

thanks for everyone's help.

i am very lucky to live in tennesse when it comes to making my e a dual sport. all you have here is a headlight, a taillight-brakelight, and a mirror. it is only costing me 70.00 for the hydraulic switch and the acerbis t-b light.


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